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Meghan - July 12

hi everyone, well last night and this morning I tested positive:) I have to wait until after july 30th to go to the docotors because I am abroad. this is my first pregnancy and I am not quite sure what to expect. Can anyone offer any advice? also does anyone know of any good books on pregnancy? thank you all and happy healthy pregnancies to you all as well:)


b__terflies - July 12

"The Mother of All Pregnancy Books" is a good one. I have found some really good information in there and it is easy to skip around and find what you are looking for.


debbie80 - July 12

Meghan-congrats on your positive! I am 7 weeks and just picked up the book what to expect when expecting..then I went to the doctors the other day and they gave me a really big book on pregnancy.....


Lala - July 12

Most doctors don't see you until about 10 weeks gestation (counting from your first day of your last period). Be sure to start taking pre-natals if your not already. Now is when you need them! best to you!


igelwelch - July 12

Hey Meghan-check out "your pregnancy week by week." It explains what is happening to you & your baby throughout. The one thing with what to expect while you're expecting (which my doctor, sisters & friends warned me against), it tells you what can happen during pregnancy, not necessarily what's normal. it feels good to know what's normal! lastly, "the girlfriend's guide to pregnancy" is good--it gives you an honest story about what's going to happen to you. best of luck!


Seredetia - July 13

If you are with your significant (male) other I would recommend buying a book for them as well. You will go through some TOUGH changes and a lot of hormonal drama. It will help if they can relate to your experiences as men have difficulty with even SIMPLE emotional issues. I bought one for my hubby, but I'm no expert, so I don't know if it's the "best" as it hasn't arrived yet. Good luck to you and congrats!


Meghan - July 14

thank you all so much for the advice and recomended reading. I bought the best friends guide to pregnancy day to day diary (which is the british release of the girls friends guide...) and I love it, its very funny and tells me a little bit about what is going on. again thank you so much for the advice and best wishes:)



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