Very Worried Please Help

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KSM - February 26

I am 7.5 w, and i have had some nausea and dizziness w/o any vomiting this past last week, but I starting vomiting last night at 9 and this has been going on for 6 hours. Every 20-40 min. Is this just part of "morning sickness" or is there something wrong since it is so excessive. I have also had diarhea the whole night. any advice? I am very worried I am miscarring.


kristie h - February 26

Hi i understand your worry but please see your doctor asap. Vomiting and diarhea put together is not at all normal. I dont mean to scare you but i had similar thing with one of my other pregnancy, i was 8 weeks pregnant and had bad pains in my tummy all night then i felt i need to go to the toilet i vomited 5 days worth of food and had diarhea at the same when my 12 week scan come up it showed the baby had died at 8 weeks so i think that was the night i lost it. In you case it may be different as i got the pains 1st and i thought it was major constipation pains. Are you getting any pains?, hot flushes? dizziness?


tk07 - February 26

hi, are you sure you aren't really sick? that flu with vomiting and diarhea is going around. have you taken your temperature? you don't want to over heat that can be bad like how you aren't supposed to get into a hot tub... yes, definately call the Dr this morning. good luck!


moescrilla - February 26

Yes- It sounds like you got a virus. I'd see your dr. to make sure its not the flu (I hope not, the flu sucks!!!!) And make sure you arent running a fever. If you are, take a tylenol. Good Luck! Dont worry about the baby. I had something similar when I was about 5 weeks, and when I went for my 8 week ultrasound the baby was fine.


KSM - February 26

thank you for all of your concern, my doc thinks that is is the stomach flu. 2 people had it at work last week. i did have a low grade fever. i was very concerned, so i'm gad to find out it was the flu. i hope the baby withstood all the violent vomiting.



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