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carly - June 21

Hello I am 7 1/2 weeks pregnant for the first time and am expectably nervous and worried I am doing everything correct. I am adopted and have a wonderfully supportive family but my mom has never been pregnant so is unable to help answer my questions. I had my first ultra sound a week and a half ago at 6 weeks and everything seemed fine, well than the day after my ultra sound i had cramping feelings that lasted 3 days and were quite suble and lasted only 15 minutes per time. Well i was not worried till I went to the washroom the next day and saw a brownish spot on the tissue, but no cramping this day. It stopped than 4 days later i got a very little bit of brownish spot on the tissue again and now I am getting worried, is this alright or should i be conserned? Hope someone can help:)


tritty - June 21

hey carly. i think i'm just as far along as you. i don't know for sure yet because i haven't had an ultrasound (hopefully i'll have one at my appt. this friday) and since i was on bcp's it's hard to say. anyhow, i definately have had cramping but i haven't had any spotting or bleeding. i do hear that it's very normal for some women to have spotting in the first trimester as long as it's not bright red blood with painful cramping..... if there are any changes you should call your doctor asap. i think what you're experiencing now sounds very normal.


Suebee - June 21

carly.. I have to agree with tritty... some women do spot and especially if it's around when their 1st or 2nd period was due... You would be close to your 2nd so it could just be that... I unfortunately had a m/c the 1st time and it started off with brown bleeding.. not spotting.. bleeding and then about a week later, it turned into severe cramping and red gushing blood (tmi).. that is what a m/c is like... So with that little spotting around when af is due I don't think i'd worry. I'm now 7wks and I have mild cramping almost every day off and on kind of what you're describing and my ob said that's perfectly normal. He also said little bleeding is normal for some women. If you're really worried put a call in to your doc and have him check you out... At least it could put your mind at ease. Sure is scary this baby making stuff eh?? LOL... Good luck doll... you'll be just fine..


carly - June 22

Thank you to those who responded, that makes me feel a little relieved. I am so excited, being my first I am sure there are much more unexplainable occurances that I will worry about but I am truly thankful for the support and good luck to all those expectant mama's to be:)


Suebee - June 22

You're welcome kiddo.... just try to enjoy the pregnancy.. you'll do fine! good luck to you as well! ~S



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