Visible Sac And Yolk With No Fetal Pole

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Michelle - March 11

I went for my first u/s on Wed. and they saw a sac and yolk, but no fetal pole. The sac measured to be approx. 7 weeks and the Dr. said that he should've seen something by now. They took blood also on Wed. to check the Hcg level and it was 86,000. They said this was a good number but now they are concerned b/c it is so high and they didn't see anything. I am going again today to see if Hcg goes up or doubles and I won't find out till Mon. I am going to have a stressful weekend! Should I be worried?


J - March 12

Do you still have pregnancy symptoms?


Michelle - March 12

Yes I do. My b___sts are still sore and I still get a little nautious sometimes.Those were the only symptoms I had from the beginning. What does this all mean?


nicola.xx - March 12

hi michelle i went for my first u/s last weeks and was meant to be 8 weeks pregnant but the scan showed just a empty sac measuring 5 and a half weeks i went back again a week later for another scan this time it showed growth it is now 6 and a half weeks and also has a yolk now as well ive got to go back again in 10 days trying to be hopeful!!!!!


Michelle - March 12

Hi Nicola, did they check your Hcg levels as well?? I am waiting for Mon to see if my Hcg level increased or doubled, and then they will probably want to see me for another u/s. I am praying for some growth. The fact that we have to wait for so long is so stressful and frustrating!


Michelle - March 14

Ok, well today I got my second Hcg results back and they went down from 86,000 to 77,000. Obviously this doesn't look good, but I hate the anyone else experiencing this looong waiting process? The Dr. might want me to go in for another blood test....Please help, I am driving myself nuts!


nicola.xx - March 18

hi michelle how is it all going this wait is killing me ive got to go back tuesday 22nd march i have had some slight spotting over the last two days but im still trying to be hopeful


Michelle - May 30

Hi Nicola, it's been a while since I've checked this....How is everything with you?? Unfortunately I had a D &C a week after I last wrote......they said that the fetus wasn't growing. I was sad for a while, but everything happens for a reason, right? My husband and I aren't going to start trying again till the fall. I hope all is well with you, Good luck!


katherine - January 3

you should not be worried at all..............believe me if your pregnancy test is positive then your fetal pole may be of luck and take care



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