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Precious - November 26

Ive been taken my P-vitamins but i think its making me throw up. Im not 100% sure its the vitamins but ive been taken a closer look everytime i take them i feel sick and throw up! .. Any suggestions?


nola-gal - November 26

you should take them with food. my routine in the morning has been cereal and vitamins. they are known to make you queasy, and taking them with food is supposed to help.


mjvdec01 - November 26

My prenatals make me a bit nauseated too, but I have never vomited them up. Try eating about 15-20 minutes before taking them. Having something in your stomach may make all the difference. If you still can't keep them down then call you OB right away, those vitamins are very very important for early development. Folic acid is crucial. There is a medication they can give you that is safe for the baby and will help you keep everything down. I think it is called fenergen? I may be wrong, anyway, one of my good friends is taking it now and also had to take it with her previous pregnancy and it made all the difference for her.


ShoppingForTwo - November 26

That happened with my last pregnancy. At first taking them on a full stomach helped but later in the 1st trimester that wouldn't work so I just kept it by my bedside with a bottle of water everynight and since during pregnancy I can't sleep a full night without waking up a couple times, I just took it in the middle of the night when I woke up. If my husband happened to wake up and start a conversation with me (strange I know at like 3am) then I would throw up. If I didn't go striaght to sleep I would feel sick and the vitamin would come right back up. You should try that if you wake frequently during the night. Oh and I've realized those big pink generic prenatals that the doctor usual prescribes are the worse!!! I get the white ones from GNC, they are marvelous! I know I rambled a lot, I hope I helped!


aurora23 - November 27

I used to get so sick from mine that I would just eat something small before bed and take it right then. It seemed to work really well for me.


Faye84 - November 27

If your getting sick from them i would say the best thing would be have a small snack with it right before bed, That way youll be sound asleep before you start feeling sick!


Precious - November 27

Thanks alot, I've been taken them with Food.. but it still makes me throw up everything. Ive also taken them at night but my stomach rumblems n i wont sleep till i throw it up. I am taken the NatureMade ones. Im Just waiting to get my insurance in so i can see a OB hopefully i can do someting because i know its important.


javidsgirl - November 27

when i was preg i would crush mine and mix it oj


javidsgirl - November 27

with oj


Precious - November 27

I was thinking about doing that. But will it still be the same like taken it whole?


b__terfly kisses - November 27

When i was preg with my daughter, I was nauseaus the whole time and the vitamins def made it worse, no matter when I ate... at the advice of my obgyn, I took flintstones instead... chewables are MUCH easier on the tummy ... and if you compare the lables, they have nearly identical ingredients... and, in my case, the flintstones had more folic acid than the prenatals did! Can't beat that! :o)


newlywed0915 - November 27

yep, doc told me that I could take two flinstones chewables instead, and it would be easier on my stomach. My prenatals made me sick more often than not. As far as crushing the pills, that would be a good solution too. Actually, your body would absorb the nutrients better.


Happymommy - November 27

Talk to your dr--it is usually the iron in your vitamins that make you sick. Your doctor can prescribe an iron-free vitamin to take during your first trimester that still has the necessary amounts folic acid that you need right now.


Precious - November 27

hmm...Those Flinstones vitamins are tempting lol. I dont have a doctor yet so thats y i was so concern but maybe i'll check in and buy some of those in the mean time.


gabby509 - November 27

Yes girls, right on with the Flinstone Vitamins! I was puking my doctor prescribed prenatals everyday, whether I took them in the morning, at night, with or without food. There was just no way to keep it down. Just one tip for everyone, do not take prenatals with milk or coffee because it inhibits the body from absorbing the iron. Also Vitamin C, such as orange juice, doubles or triples the amount of iron absorbed into the body. I am a nursing student and just learned all of this, so I felt the need to share. Good Luck!


mjvdec01 - November 27

Precious, you haven't seen an OB yet? Why don't you go to a planned parenthood or a clinic just to get checked out and get a prescription for some prenatals that won't make you sick? I think the visit is free if you can't pay. That would be much safer than just waiting until you get insurance. Unless you will have insurance in a couple of days?


Precious - November 29

mjvdec01 Hi .. well i do have insurance i was just waiting for a appointment but its on Dec. 10th. So thats a relief. Last night i just break them into pieces and took them like that and went to sleep. I did have a problem sleeping. But at least i took it! So, Dec 10th is my 1st visit!!!



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