Waiting To Find Out Sex

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aggie03 - May 15

So does anyone still do this anymore?! My husband wants to wait to find out and when we tell people that they look at us like we are crazy. Im not sure how I feel. I like the idea of being in the delivery room and hearing "its a boy/girl.." and that you have all these friends and family looking forward to the call, other than "yep, its a boy but you already knew that..." On the other hand, It would be exciting to buy clothes, other than yellow and green. (although I dont mind the unis_x strollers and such. Who out there is waiting or finding out? Thoughts for why?


aggie03 - May 15

oh and how early can you...


Steff - May 15

I am undecided... My DH wantd to know. I think it is 16 weeks you can find out. However, they usually wait until your 20 week u/s. I still have a while to go though. Good luck!


hthab - May 15

I think we're going to find out early. It will be exciting to find out either way, but I guess since it's our first baby, we're thinking that it will be nice to know earlier (at 20 weeks) for preparation. I have a coworker whose first baby is due next week, and they decided not to find out until it's born, so you're not the only one! It's fun to guess anyway.


Jennifer123 - May 16

Hi We are going to wait to find out. We like surprises though. We also aren't sharing our names with anyone until after the birth. It just doesn't seem quite as eventful when people are like "oh johnny was born today" rather than it's a boy and his name is.... I have however started looking around online at unis_x crib bedding and it's not the most exciting. I think we are just going to go w/ a green room and then if it's a girl add some pink accessories and if it's a boy add white accessories. But yes people think we are crazy for doing this. I just think it makes the whole thing all the more exciting.


sarahbaby11 - May 16

i agree that buying clothes is exciting. but all a newborn really needs is some sleepers and onesies. so you could always go out and buy some pink or blue gender type outfits after the first few weeks when you feel up to it. as far as bedding they sell nice solid gingham prints. so get the basics then you can add girl or boy things after the baby is born. i mean are you going to put the baby in the crib right away. if not you have a month or two to decorate for a certain s_x


ro - May 16

We are due in late December with our first baby, and we are also waiting to find out. I think it'll be nice to be surprised. Yes, it would be exciting to buy little boy or little girl clothes, and if I see something super cute little dress that I can't resist, I will buy it, and if we end up having a boy, then I can give it to someone who has a baby girt. I feel like I'm surrounded by pregnant women right now. As for the nursery, I want to do pale yellow or some other neutral shade, haven't decided yet, and add boy or girl accessories afterwards.


Erynn21 - May 16

I wanted to know, but I know ppl who wait also, it's your decision, my hubby and i made the decision to find out as soon as I was pg. It can go both ways we're planners so we like knowing, I (we)like to say our little girl, for me I feel more connected to my little girl, but that's my own thing. I like calling her by name, and now I really notice little girls and wonder what is she going to be like. I think it would be fun to not know too, this was just the right decision for us, and yeah you can find out @ 16 wks., but it's better to wait a little longer, we found out @ 19wks, and got a great view. Either way you go it's your decision, and for you it will be the right one.


olivia - May 16

We waited. They grow out of the small green and yellow stuff so quickly, and people are quick to buy gender specific clothes to come bring you in the hospital. We had my girl in pink up to her ears about 1 day after she was born then the girl clothes rolled in. We did animal themes for the nursery which works well because with baby 2 on the way I don't have to worry about gender. We won't find out again because I will have to have planned section and it seems so boring to know EVERYTHING ahead! Also, I found clothes were much easier to have a perspective on size once the baby was here. They grow really fast! We loved hearing the doctor say "it's a girl!". It was very worth the wait!



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