Waking Up Hungry

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Kristin - February 24

I am a little more than 7 weeks, and lately, I have been waking up in the mornings really hungry... Is this happening to anyone else? I am not eating any less by any means and do not skip any meals. thanks!


hjs - February 24

Hi Kristin, I wake up feeling sick more than anything but when I get to work my stomach just rumbles. Eating makes the nausea go away a little but not enough. I'm 6 weeks along. I wish I felt hungry when I woke up!


hrd - February 24

Kristin- I am like you.....I wake up even in the middle of the night starving. In fact it gets to the point that I cannot fall back to sleep. I have to keep small quick snacks beside my bed so I can just reach over take a couple bites and go back to sleep.


Julie - February 24

I have been waking up sick but sometimes during the night I wake up and am starving!


Kristin - February 24

I wake up in the middle of the night starving too! I need to remember to leave a snack by the bed then, I feel like I shouldn't have to eat so early, especially given the fact that I eat dinner later than I would like too, but hey when you're hungry, you're hungry.


hrd - February 25

I don't know if you are like me but when my stomach gets empty I get sick. I have to eat a little something every 2 hours. So just think of the time that has pa__sed since you ate dinner and went to bed. It makes sense that you would need a little something to get you through the night. PLUS...it make make for an easier morning if you don't let your stomach stay empty for so long :)


jenn - February 25

I'm glad others are having this happen too. I wake up at night starving sometimes and always have to have something as soon as I wake up in the morning. The days of skipping breakfast are definintely over for me !!!


kim - February 26

i also wake up sick and go to bed sick i am starting to worry i have lost ten punds and i can't keep anything down yet i am always hungry


charlene uk - February 26

I know what you are feeling in 7 weeks pregnant and i wake up so hungry i feel sick. Sometimes it feels i haven't ate for days where as i have. Do you find you eat something and not long after you feel really hungry again i do. anyway googluck


lyla - February 26

Yesterday I woke up very sick to the stomach, I quess that night i did not eat enough. It went away as soon as I ate breakfast. Last night I ate alot. you can say that I went to bed ao a FULL tummy. LOL! Well this morning when I woke up, I felt great, a little woozy, but nothing like the other day. So for no on Im going to eat a good dinner before bed........of course I make sure its healthy.


Tammy - March 4

Whew... this is rea__suring. I haven't been waking up sick, but I get so hungry throughout the day, eating is all I can think of. I'm snacking constantly. I'm trying to keep the portions small, but they're so frequent that I'm wondering how much of this food my little inchworm really needs!


MW - March 4

Tammy, I feel the same as you. I'm 6.5 wks along and can't eat enough from about an hour after I wake up to the second I go to sleep at night. If I don't I feel just AWFUL!! I haven't gained any weight yet, but at this rate I should start expanding any day!!


Lauren - March 11

I'm just hungry ALL THE TIME! I'm not a heavy person and have never been a big eater, but I'm 8 weeks pregnant now and have an insatiable appet_tite! Anyone else?


Heidi - March 11

I'm 8 wks too and eat like a horse. I'm pet_te also. I'm still not really showing either. I wake up hungry and sick sometimes, especially if I snack right before bedtime. That seems to make it worse at night. I had that problem before I was pg though. Now I try to eat a big meal at dinner time and a light snack two hours before bedtime, which usually consists of like 15 oreos and milk or whatever isn't nailed down! My boyfriend likes the idea of going to the dairy queen at 9 at night! Ha ha!


Jules - March 14

Hi, I'm 11 weeks in 2 days time. I wake up feeling sick and feel better when I've had a biscuit and a gla__s of milk. I find during the day I get hungry every 2, 3 hours and if I don't eat something I will feel sick again. Some days though I can feel quite sick and even eating doesn't seem to ease it. It's best to eat when you feel hungry but only small amounts not big meals.


KP - March 14

Yes, I am waking up hungry... This is my second PG and first time I used to be sick waking up but this time I am so hungry and I don’t know why? Do you have any Idea?


Laura - March 16

oh yes, i feel hungry constantly, morning, noon and night. Gald to see someone else is the same as me!!!



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