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Deb - January 8

Hi ladies! I have a plantar wart on my foot and now I have noticed a wart springing up on my finger! Does anyone know what is safe to use to remove these warts? I read that compound W is not safe, but does anyone know anything about "liquid nitrogen" type removers like Wartner or Compound W freeze off? I can't find any info on them. Thanks in advance for your help!


Linette - January 8

Hi Deb: I actually have a plantars wart on the bottom of my foot. I was using Dr. Scholl's with the medicated discs but now that you mention it, maybe I should stop and wait until I see the doc in a couple weeks. I am glad you wrote, posing this question. Although I cannot answer you as to its safety, it has made me stop and think. I think I will remove it right now. Who knows if that stuff gets into the blood stream. That is scary!


Deb - January 9

Last night after I posted this, I found a study that used duct tape to remove warts! Sounds weird, but it actually proved to be more effective than liquid nitrogen. So I cut a little piece of duct tape for my foot and finger and will see what happens. This is apparently safe for pregnancy. You leave the duct tape on for six days and then remove, soak and scrub or shave the wart. Leave the tape off for 24 hours and then reapply for another six days. You keep repeating until it goes away. It typically takes 1 - 2 months. The duct tape should be cut to the size of the wart, not much bigger. What happens is that the adhesive in the tape irritates the skin, and then white blood cells attack the area, in turn attacking the wart. Who thought of this stuff?????


Linette - January 9

Yeah, that is crazy. I also had heard something about it from my sister. Maybe i will try it. How far along are you? Now, I am nervous that I used that stuff. I mean, chances that it affected the baby, I'm sure, are slim--but you never know. I had been using it for about 2 weeks. I didn't use the liquid--just the medicated discs. I looked on the box and it never said anything about pregnancy--ANYWAY, hopefully the duct tape works!


Deb - January 9

I wouldn't worry too much. If it was really bad for pregnancy, it would have said it on the box. I am almost 14 weeks, just starting to get over the nausea, but still experiencing it daily...just not to the extent I was before. I actually lost three pounds in my first trimester from vomiting and not being able to eat much...yuk! My tummy is definitely getting bigger though! How far along are you?


Linda - January 9

Hi just thought I would advise you NOT to shave the wart on your foot as you can spread the wart. I had a plantar wart when I was about 14 yrs old and I couldn't stand the acid paper they had me use to SLOWLy remove the wart, piece by piece (ouch!) and so I tried to shave it off. Next thing ya know I had about 30 tiney plantars warts all around the big one. So PLEASE be careful about these nasty little stinkers! They are hard to get rid of! And try to get rid of 30! that was a pain! I would check with the doctor and find the best way to get rid of it for good, without causing more of them to pop up. Best of luck to ya!


Linette - January 9

Hey, thanks Linda. I will definitely keep that in mind. Deb--I am 8 weeks. I still have had no morning sickness! I cannot believe it! This is my fourth baby and I had morning sickness with the middle two. A little with the first and they are all girls. So, of course, we are hoping for a boy and I keep thinking well. . . this one is different so far so maybe . . . but I know that that REALLY doesn't make a difference and you can have the same or completely different symptoms with every pregnancy no matter what the baby's gender. So, how many children do you have? Is this your first?


Deb - January 10

Yes this is my first. You are soooo lucky you don't have m/s. It hit me like a freight train at 6 weeks. It's funny, everyone (including me and dh) thinks that I am having a girl and it is because I have been so sick. I'll be happy either way. I'm on day 2 of the duct tape experiment and so far my foot's been fine, but I have had a hard time keeping the tape on my finger. Well, not too bad I guess, but I have to replace it every 24 hours. I hope this works!


Laura - January 10

I had a wart on my toe the whole time I was pregnant with my son. I had it frozen off at each appt. It went away after I delivered my son.


Linette - January 10

I know how lucky I am at this point in time not having m/s. I just hope it continues all the way through. How many doc appointments have you had? I don't have my first one for another 2 weeks. I'm kind of nervous b/c I have a different doc this time around. My other OB doesn't take this new insurance I am on. But I do have a friend that is going to this new doc and she really likes her. See, on my previous 2 deliveries, my old doc was awesome b/c I had dilated to a 4 this first one, and a 3 the second one so she let me be induced. But the catcher is that she ordered my epidural BEFORE they induced me. I had absolutely no pain! The wost thing was getting the i.v. and the epidural. I pushed 1 time with Jaida (now 3) and I pushed 2 times with Kya (now 15 mos.). It couldn't have been easier. So . . . I don't know if I'll get that lucky this time around :-) Laura--I've had my stinkin' warts for almost 2 years now. I mean, I went to a foot doc and he kept sc___ping it and them putting acid in it over and over again. It was so sore every time afterwards that I had to wear my slipper to work (I'm a teacher and so it looked kinda funny--me dressed up but with slippers on). Anyway, after spending about $200 in office visit co/pay, I said forget it! So, I've also heard that eventually after a couple years, they go away. So, I guess I will just wait and hopefully soon in will go away but in the mean time, I will also try the duct tape.



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