Was Just Wondering What Was Best

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Lori - October 12

hey im 17yrs old...and 9weeks preg,in about 3weeks i can find out what s_x the baby is....i really want to..but afew people i know said i should wait and see....what should i do?what would you's do?


m - October 12

I found out both times. I wanted to prepare myself and be able to buy either blue or pink.... blue in my case! However, it is not uncommon for that to be wrong, so if you find out, and buy ahead of time, don't remove the tags from the blue or pink outfits!


E - October 12

You can find out at only 12 weeks? Where do you live b/c I want to move there. I am 16 weeks and still don't know.


m - October 12

I'd like to know, too. Where is this place you can find out so soon? That's great.


lori - October 12

Im from scotland :) where are yous from? and thanks for writing back....i do want to know but not sure yet


m - October 12

I'm from the United States. Here we have to wait until around 20 weeks. I did, anyway. I'm actually of Scottish descent. Cool, huh?


Lizabeth - October 12

There are very few true surprizes left in this world, and for me (10 weeks preggo) I am waiting, I am looking forward to a true surprize!


E - October 12

I am still confused. I am in the US also. Do Scottish babies grow at a faster rate than US babies or do you have awesome technology? I am packing my bags for Scotland right now!


lori - October 13

hehe....i dont know all i know is that you can find out the s_x of your child at 12weeks,E where about in scotland u going 2?


E - October 13

I don't know where I am going to stay in Scotland:) I still am having a hard time believing this... I don't think OP is lying but I never knew that Scottish babies developed faster than other babies. I always thought fetal development was relatively standard and that you had to wait until at least 15-16 weeks, maybe longer. Am I mistaken? I would love to hear more stories on this.


abgel_one - October 13

lori how are you finding out he s_x,? through u/s or amnio (sp)?


lori - October 14

hey im only 17teen i dont know much myself...but iam goin up 2 the hospital in 3weeks to get my first scan...and if i want 2 knowwhat the s_x is....i can. E you will like scotland...well some parts...not all of it...ive always wanted 2 go 2 the U.S


R - October 14

I think the s_x organs are external by 12 weeks, but the question is if anyone can see them on an ultrasound. Also, if you have a CVS chromosome a___lysis, which can be done from 10 to 13 weeks, you'll end up waiting a couple of weeks for the answer, but they should see the chromosomes and be able to tell. I am 12.5 now, had an US on Monday, and no one said "boo" about gender. I am actually happy with that, I agree, not too many surprised left in this world. Good luck.


R - October 14

p.s. maybe they count weeks differently in Scotland - like from conception instead of the start of your last period. I've been to Scotland, it is lovely.


m - October 15

Maybe Scotland (or at least some of the doctors there) have better technology. The US has mostly used the 2D ultrasound until the last few years. Now many OBs use 3D, and now the 4D is being introduced. Luckily, my doc has just gotten one of the 4D, and they can tell the s_x much quicker. I think it is a matter of technology more than anything.



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