Was Wondering If You Ladies Used Any Of These To Get Pg

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mrose - June 26

Hello ladies, I have been ttc for 6 months now with no luck, one more cycle before I go on clomid, I would like to conceive without it, so this month I'm going to be trying some different things. I'll be using OPKs, I was thinking about using evening primose oil, and musinex, also baby asprin? Was wondering if anyone used these things and they worked? If so...I was also wondering what the difference in baby aspirin and regular is? How many mg does it need to be? same for musinex...sorry for all the questions, but i thought maybe ladies that are already pregnant would be good ones to ask. thanks in advance ladies!


debbie80 - June 26

Hi Mrose~ Well I just got my first BFP on Thursday with my first round of Clomid. We have been trying for alomost two years and we decided to give Clomid a try and what do you know, it worked on the first try...so I will recommend Clomid to anyone who is willing to try it. I didnt really have any side effects from it...just a headache and mild hot flashes..but I told myself that all the symptoms will be worth it when I get my BFP. I hope this helps..good luck to you!!


leasa - June 26

hi mrose. i dont know if you would be interested but we used preseed. its a sperm friendly lubricant and helps sperm live longer! we used it our second month of trying and i fell pregnant. i dont know if obviouslyt was that but it sure did not do any harm. just a thought! you can buy from the internet just type in preseed and see the reviews. a lot of women recommended it to me when i was trying! good luck. i also used OPKs to pinpoint ovulation.


skn331 - June 26

I was taking mucinex when I got pregnant. I was told I couldnt GET pregnant (because of I didnt ovulate according to the fetility doc) so I obviously wasnt trying to... but I wasnt using any b/c either. I'd had a cold so I was taking Mucinex and had been on it for about 2 or 3 weeks. A week or so later I found out I was pregnant. I always wonder if that helped any. It certainly wouldnt hurt to try it!


mrose - June 26

Thank you ladies for your replies...I had thought about trying the preseed, but wasn't sure yet. I just really want to try everything I can for this last cycle before doing clomid. I hope I don't need the clomid...but if so, maybe I'll have as good of luck as you did debbie, that give me hope :-) thank you


hthab - June 26

I used PreSeed, and OPK too. It took about 4 tries (cycles) before the BFP.


daisyusa - June 26

Hello, mrose....I used opk's too. I tried accu-clear, but didn't work for me. Then I tried the Rite-Aid brand and it worked for me the first time. According to the directions for Accu-clear, you ovulate within 24-48 hours of a positive result. Thing is, I found out I ovulated 3 days after the positive result with Accu-Clear. The Rite-aid brand gave me a better reading and therfore, we are now preggo, yahoooooo!



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