Water Infection

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W - October 12

I keep getting a strange pain on my left side now I did have a similar pain like this wen i had a water infection last month. I am about 4 weeks or could this be ectopic pregnancy, im really worried, but it seems to be getting worse as the day goes by. Any1 got any ideas??


babyluv - October 12

I believe you were on another site, I will talk to you on this one. How much spotting do you have? mine started about 4 weeks and i let it go for 3 more, not a very good idea on my part. we got it in time though. I would go to the dr. and have them run your hcg count through your blood, and thenn go back and have it checked again to see what levels it is rising to they say it should at least double every 48 hours, if it is not doubling I would request a v____al ultra sound.


asiliah - October 12

sorry about my ans I put i was babyluv, I am asiliah though sorry I have used both names in the past.


w - October 13

I dont have any spotting, i went to the dr's and she said it was a water infection. I am now on antibiotics. I have not had a hcg count as I have my 1st appt with the midwife in two weeks. I think that i am only 3 weeks though, so i am very early. Thanks


Jen - October 13

Im not sure if im pregnate i have some of the signs. Like large bb's and sore bb's... sick feeling throughout the day... extremely sleepy.. and can't sleep at night. I took a pregnancy test 2 weeks ago. I am 2 weeks and 4 days late for my period. I was wondering... if you don't ovulate you don't have your period right.. well do you still get sore bb's if you don't ovulate and have your period? Please let me know... email me at [email protected] THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR YOUR HELP!


asiliah - October 13

W if you are still taking antibiotics, are they safe for the baby? How did you get the water infection? I have never heard of it. How is the pain today. Hope all is well If you have any other Questions please ask. I will help you as much as I can. Good luck make sure if you are still having side pains call the dr. if they tell you to come in then req an hcg count.


W - October 13

asiliah thank you, ur so much help, i'm not 3 weeks, if you go by ur first missed period then i am 6 weeks preg this saturday. Apparantly aswell water infections are so common with pregnacy have you heard of cystistus, that is what it can lead to if you leave it too long, the pains ave gone with plenty of water and cranberry juice. The antibiotics r safe me and my hubbs asked this wen were at the dr's. Thank you for your concern but things look good (finger crossed). I think it has started with this dry cough I have so maybe this has brought it on.


w - October 13

I found the correct name for it UTI (Urinary Tract Infections), they are common in pregnancies. I feel alot better. Do u have any idea to how long your b___bs stay sore for, i mean its my nipple they are on and off and so painful sometimes. Also still have mild cramping but i guess reading from others responses from here it is my uterus enlarging.


asiliah - October 13

W. I am glad to hear you are doing better. Your nipples will be sore for a while they say it is good they are sore because when it comes time to nursing there is a better chance that it wont be that painful when you nurse so in a way be thankful they are sore. I was glad when you came back on the site with some good news. I wish you the best and I will keep my fingers crossed and say a prayer for you and your baby.


W - October 14

asiliah your so sweet, have you got any children, I mean did u try again? I haven't been well, well had a bit of cough and my freind said that wen she was having her boys she always had a cough she reckons that it could be a sign that I am having a boy, How funny is that!!!! Have u a email addy that we could keep in touch.


asiliah - October 14

Hi W, How are you doing today? I am doing fine, we are still trying we thought we were last month but my cycle came, but you never know I still may be i have some signs but I do know i will get pregnant again when the time is right.Take care of you and your baby talk to ya soon.


Kelly - October 14

What is a water infection????? I haven't heard this before?????/


* - October 14

UTI (Urinary Tract Infections)


kerry - November 8

it hurts me when i go for a wee



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