Water Nausea

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softbreeze200 - December 10

I know you are supposed to drink lots of water and for the first few weeks of my pregnancy I had been doing that resulting in Heartburn, but now it has changed to Nausea. Everytime I drink I feel terrible, but have yet to actually throw up. ANyone else having this kind of nausea?? Yuck.....


gabby509 - December 10

Hi, I am 14 weeks along and for about weeks 6 -10 I couldn't get water down, let alone keep it down. I switched to gatorade, just to keep from getting dehydrated and I drank any liquids in very small doses. If I drank anything in a big gulp, it was destined to come back up. I think it is fairly normal to have this water nausea. Also I always tried to keep a little something in my stomach before I drank anything, I guess it absorbed it. Good luck!


bubbasmom - December 10

If just water is making you sick, you might want to talk to your doctor. They can give you medicine so you can actually eat. Also, try preggo pops which are available at babies r us and motherhood maternity. I don't know whats in them, but they work wonders. I'm like an addict with them - I get very nervous when I'm running low!


caro99 - December 13

for me its like thinking or seeing anything to drink just makes me feel nauseas. I thought it was strange, i now feel relieved that there are other ladies going through the same thing.


bOsSy415 - December 26

i know exactly what you are going through, every time i drink water it all just comes back up its awful hopefully it goes away soon :P


sarah21 - December 26

If I drank water on an empty stomach I would get nauseated. Make sure you have something in there to buffer it. Also, just so you know, when you have morning sickness and finally do throw up, you usually feel better afterwards, kind of like with the flu. I fought it and fought it and finally gave in and got some relief.



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