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charee - March 4

Well Im about 14 weeks and still am waiting to have my first prenatal appt!!! We have recently moved from OR to Arizona! I havent found a DR yet but am really looking into a midwife, although i would like to deliver the baby in a hospital! With my 1st I had her in a hospital and they had tubs you could use (before you had the baby but you couldnt have a waterbirth). I have read a lot about waterbirth being a lot less painful, and the water and reduced pressure helping you not to tear so bad!!! ~Anyway i cant figure out if most hospitals have tubs in the birth centers or not... does anyone know?? Also has anyone had experience with a midwife? I had a Dr last time. I didnt have an epidural and i DONT want one this time either, I would also like to not have them use the vacc_m on me this time... and think with a midwife maybe she wouldnt rush into things like epidural, vacc_m, c-section etc!!! Anyway if anyone has info on tubs/ midwives let me know, Thanks so much!


heather28 - March 4

Well I'll tell you about my first pregnanyc. I was 17 and I was going through the health dept which uses midwives. Apparently she was stuck in traffic or something when I was in labor. My baby went into fetal distress and a doctor happened to be walking by. (Mind you I wasn't dilating either) Anyway, he took one look at the monitors and said she has to have surgery now. They performed an emergency c-section and if they hadn't neither one of us would be here right now. And to answer your question not all hospitals and birthing centers have the waterbirth capability. Just make sure whatever you choose you have your bases covered in case something does go wrong. Good Luck!


charee - March 5

Yes, I do want to have the baby in the hospital for multiple different reasons. The last hospital i delivered at had just normal bathtubs in the birth suite bathrooms and while i was in labor i was able to sit in the tub for about 45 min, if that. But it did help with the pain at first, then i just wanted to get out. I love baths and they do make your body feel better, I dont even know that i would want a water birth if i could have one at a hospital, BUT i would really like the find a hospital here in Phoenix AZ area that has tubs in the rooms that i can sit in!!!!!!!!! Maybe i should just call all the hospitals? THere are a million, but they dont say on the websites... darn


charee - March 6

hmmm.... so who is planning to have a birth not in a hospital?Anyone? My husband is not very comfortable with anything other than an obgyn and in the hospital!


preggoplease - March 6

Hey charee!!! The hospital I go to here in AZ does not have tubs, only showers. I use Banner Baywood in Mesa. I wanted to do a waterbirth as well. This time I really wanted to just have this one at home because with Jayde she came in 1.5 hours. Thats it...and she was my first. I told the doctor that I wanted to do it at home so I don't have this one on the freeway and they said they will induce me 2 weeks early. Plus, my DF wants to make sure if something happens doctors are there. So I am doing it at the hospital again. I love my doctor, you should try them out. If you need any more info just let me know!



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