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ShoppingForTwo - November 8

I warned ya! Ok. What I thought was in the begining of pregnancy the prenatal vitimans and extra iron is what made women constipated. I was taking folic acid and extra vitimans before I got pregnant, and when I got pregnant in Dec 2006 sometime in the 1st trimester I thought they really did a number one me! I was very constipated. When I finally did go #2 it seems to be hard. . . It was like it was wider than my exit would stretch and it would continously press against it. . . Very painful. I would feel myself rip sometimes and would bleed alot sometimes. It got to the point where I would get on the toilet to do what I had to do because my body told me it was that time. And I would push and push and push and it would be right there! So painful. I could actually feel my skin around the area down there and I could feel the bump of it through my skin. It was so close to coming out that I couldn't just pull up my pants and go on with my day, it would feel disgusting. Anyway, I hope someone understands what I'm saying even a little bit so I don't sound crazy. This is a bit graphic sorry but I really what you guys to feel me. Hehe. Ok well it was absolutely horrible. I would jump off the toilet in pain but I couldn't give up! My husband would run into the bathroom to see what was going on. It was very embarassing at the time to explain that to him. Anyway, I chalked it up to hemorriods, ate more fiber and things got better. In fact I totally forgot about it until THIS MORNING! Right when I was leaving for work I had to stop, you know, because the body told me it was about that time, I ran upstairs thinking it would be quick. Boy was I wrong. I only went through a fraction of wha I went through with my last pregnancy but I know its only the begining. I have to nip this c__p in the bud, literally. :) I am going to eat more fiber, prune juice etc. But my QUESTION IS. . . . What in pregnancy causes this? Its not the vitimans like thought. I've been taking them for over a year striaght! My only guess is that MAYBE all the nutrition and good stuff is taken out of everything you eat for the baby in this important stage of development and it leaves you with a dried out hard piece of #2??? Maybe it happens throughout the whole pregnancy but our body gets used to it? WHY IS THIS HAPPENING TO ME??? My butt is soooooo sore. And we are not even suppossed to strain during pregnancy. I felt so guilty but I had to get it out of me. It feels like its RIGHT there, but just won't budge. Its like a little nugget. Eeww, sorry. Its just wide and so hard-ish that it can't form to my intestine. Needless to say, I was late to work. Thanks if you made it this far. This is really a serious questions ladies. I swear. I know how to fix it, I just want to know what causes it.


HeatherIsHopeful - November 8

hey girl, I know how you feel I have it too but not NEARLY as bad as you describe.. its painful and sometimes there is a little blood (which scares me sometimes... I gott make sure where its coming from before I freak out and think im having a miscarriage or something) anyway Im not exactly sure what causes it but the best thing to do is what you already plan to do which is drink LOTS of fluid and get LOTS of fiber. good luck! -Heather<3


ShoppingForTwo - November 8

Thanks Heather! I freak out when I bleed too! The same excat thoughts go through my head as what you said in your response. Oh, and I heard yogurt helps your digestive track and keeps you regular, but I eat one a day and I doesn't seem to be helping. Thanks girl!


stefkay - November 8

Hi! I did hear that like you said, the body is absorbing so much of the c___p (literally, lol ;) that it doesn't leave much to exit easily I guess you could say? I've had that happen before but lately the actual "event" is fine, but I do it a LOT less frequently, which is fine with me because I tend to spot some afterwards. Talk to your doctor about it and I think the natural way by eating fiber and prune juice should be fine but he/she might be able to suggest something safe to take in pregnancy to help things along :)


Brendansmom - November 8

What an awful side effect to your pregnancy, you poor thing. There is a prenatal vitamin with a stool softener in it. I think it's called Citrical. I took it during my first pregnancy and it seemed to helped, although I was not as bad off as you. Definitely bring it up to your Dr. Hopefully there is something out there that can help. Good luck.


javidsgirl - November 9

it is the fabulous progesterone that causes this all i can say is eat lots of yogurt and drink lots of water avoid starchy foods becuase they just make it worse try not push to much becuase if you get one after delvery it gets worse trust me


michelly4 - November 9

Your body's metabolism is slowing down to keep as many nutrients as it can to grow the baby. The side effect is hard stools. I had it for a bit but I am trying to eat more fiber and drink more. It seems to be helping.


fefer1 - November 9

Hey there - I know EXACTLY what you are going through. I'm taking meds to help with the nausea/vomiting and it makes life miserable, as far as going to the bathroom goes. I can't drink tons of water because it makes me throw up - but I've been eating grapefruits - and lentil soup. The day after I ate the soup things came out normal and have been pretty good since. I think there is a lot of fiber in the lentils. I think oatmeal helps too because it absorbs water and makes your poop less hard. :) Good luck!! Try exercising too - walking seems to help me too.


ShoppingForTwo - November 9

Thanks so much ladies!


Mel Page - November 13

Well my gyno told me that your whole food processing syste slows down so that your bub can extract as much as humanlly possible out of it (nutrient wise). Thats why in pg it is sooooo important to keep properly hydrated so that everything can be absorbed properly and that there would still be enough fluids left for your bowel movements to pa__s easilly. I'm now 24weeks along and drink 2-3L of water a day and havent had any problems,the flutulance is still there but no painfull pa__sing :-)) Hope this helps. Good luck girl!! Love Melony


ShoppingForTwo - November 13

Wow Mel thats a lot of water!! Great job! I tried drinking 3L but have only managed 2L so far. I have to drink when I'm not thirsty i guess. hehe.



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