We Have A Heartbeat But Hcg Not Doubling What S Going On

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mustangcassie - May 12

Had a scan 2 weeks ago, found a sac, no pole. Had another scan last week and found a pole and a heartbeat at 108bpm. They say I am nearly 8 weeks. My hcg levels were only doubling, at their fastest every 4.5 days for the past 3 weeks. Now they have only gone from 19550 to 19900 in 4 days. I'm hoping they are 'levelling off' as they are meant to do at 8 to 10 weeks. My dr said my peanut surprised everyone by getting a heartbeat as they didn't expect that much. Anyone have similar stories? Tell me the good and the bad, i'm pretty open minded. No other babies. Been trying for 10 months. Thanks so much.


Teddyfinch - May 12

i've never heard of hcg levels "leveling" off during your first trimester. i know they do and then come back down towards the end, but at 8w, mine was 47,000. maybe you're not as far along as your lmp may show?


clindholm - May 12

Go to obfocus dot com and check the frequently asked questions and under What is hCG it will show the normal levels throughout.


clindholm - May 12

It appears to spike at about 10 weeks, then decline. Are you possibly further along than you thought?


mustangca__sie - May 12

Thanks for reponding. I have a 36 day cycle so since my last period it's been 10 weeks but because my cycle is long they believe that i am only 8 weeks. The size of the foetus from the ultra sound says i'm about 8 weeks too. It's just this waiting game. Went to ob focus and i'm within range. They also say you can spike at 10 weeks. I hope i'm levelling a little earlier or like you say i'm further along than i thought. Doing another hcg test on thurs, I will know more then. If it keeps climbing, i'll be more positive, if it drops, I'll have another scan and i guess we start again. I wish it was as easy as in the movies!!!! Have s_x, fall pregnant! EASY!


clindholm - May 13

Let me know how you make out on Thursday. Do you know exactly when you ovulate? My doc told me the chance of a loss after seeing the heart beat is greatly reduced. It's never as easy as it looks on tv or for people who don't want babies! Good luck! Colleen


mustangca__sie - May 14

Thanks Colleen. I thought that too about the heart beat but I guess depends who you talk to and which dr, blah blah blah. I ovulate exactly 10 days before my period comes.We've been trying for 10 months but only fund this super useful piece of info out 2 months ago. We thought it was 14. I will let you know how I go thursday. Fingers, toes and eyes crossed.


clindholm - May 14

So it sounds like you o late, around cd26. Typically doc's a__sume cd14 which is the "text book" date, every women is different. I will say a prayer for you and your little one. Hoping for good news tomorrow. Colleen


ajm1028 - May 14

My HcG is not doubling as it should either. In the 4-5 week it went from 122 to 1092 in 72 hours but then it went to 2872 in 7 days so they did an u/s yesterday and saw a pole, heartbeat at 100 bpm and baby. They said not to worrk about the HcG level and we will go off of u/s now. My testosterone? was low at 18 and it should be at 20 so I have to go back Monday and get that checked.


mustangca__sie - May 14

Well, got bloods back today and they were at 19550 thursday last week, 19,900 on Monday and today thursday we're at 35,950! Little tacker is hanging in there. I will ahve another blood done on Monday and then an U/S later next week. Am 8 weeks on sat 17th May. So we are are back to doubling every 4 days, which seems normal for me. Good luck ajm. And thanks again Colleen.


clindholm - May 15

Ca__sie- that's wonderful, keep us posted! ajm- I thought they can give you something to correct the testosterone level, is that something they discussed? Good luck. Colleen


CaliTrish - May 16

Mustangca__sie - Just wanted to let you know that I've got my fingers, toes, and eyes crossed for you. My hCG levels had slowed down to doubling every 34 days, which confirms it wasn't a viable pregnancy. I had the manual vacuum aspiration with a local anesthetic performed in my ob's office this morning. It was so much better than the IV sedation and electric vacuum aspiration at the hospital last January. My ob did a v____al u/s before the procedure and saw that the small fetal pole from last week had been absorbed. Similar to the D&C in January, I'm not really experiencing any pain or cramps, just some light bleeding. Overall, I'm doing good. I've accepted that this just wasn't meant to be. I understand the science and the odds which means we should have a really good chance of getting the next little bean to stick it out. I'll be thinking of you. Try not to worry about the levels, focus on that heartbeat. Wishing you a healthy and happy pregnancy. -Trish


ajm1028 - May 19

I think my dr. just wants me to worry...On my way to give blood this morning for my progesterone the dr. office called and wants to re-do my u/s tomorrow. I asked why and the nurse said she wasn't sure...I had the u/s done on Wed. and they just called me this am (Mon.) and when I left the u/s I was lead to believe that everything was okay and normal...


clindholm - May 19

Hi ajm- I would call that office and ask to have the doc call and give an explanation. I have done that before and now my doc knows I'm a neurotic nut job so she is better about rea__suring me. They probably just want to double check. Try not to worry and be happy for the extra scan most people don't get too many. Meanwhile, I'd call, there's no reason you should have to worry, that's what we pay them for. Good luck and please let us know how you make out.


clindholm - May 19

ajm- how many weeks are you? The hcg does drop off after 10 weeks.


ajm1028 - May 19

clindholm- I am 6 weeks and 3 days


mustangca__sie - May 20

I have an ultra sound tomorrow, thursday and have decided to not get anymore bloods. They just stress me out and make me nervous. We're 8 wks 4 days today. Good luck all. I'll keep you posted and you all do the same...



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