We Saw The Heartbeat

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nola-gal - December 4

My fiance and I had our first US today. SOOOOO AMAZING! right away, there was the little ticker pumping away. and we could even make out the arm buds, the cord, and the huge head. it's weird, the brain looks like a black hole in the middle of the head. hope that's not a sign of bad grades to come! anyway, it was really neat. it was a transva___al US, the kind with the wand going inside you. as soon as she stuck it in just a tiny bit, there was little houdini on the screen. full-on profile view. very cool!


cnasmom - December 4

congrats! i bet you were in tears! i always am when i see the heartbeat! i can't wait to see mine!


stefkay - December 4

Awesome! Congrats :)


hioannidis - December 5

YEAH nola-gal, that's wonderful. I bet everytime you close your eyes you see the baby........isn't it fantastic!!!


Faye84 - December 5

congrats!!! im happy you were able to experience that. Its very exciting!


softbreeze200 - December 5

Congrats hon!! That must be such an amazing sight to see!!Makes me so much more excited to see my little peanut!!


JaydensMommy - December 5

Isn't it the best?? How far along are you now?


nola-gal - December 5

thanks, y'all! little houdini is 7w4d today...right about where i thought. did the deed without a condom on oct. 25. we had a whole drawerful, but we were on the couch and "forgot" to go get one. once is all it takes, i guess. but it is turning out to be the best thing that has ever happened to both of us. i'm due on july 19. which is great, because i'm a teacher and that's right in the middle of summer vacation!


HeatherIsHopeful - December 5

YAY nola-girl Im so glad you got such a great u/s.. its it just the most magical thing (lol I said magical and you call your LO Houdini) anyway Im so happy for you :)


ShoppingForTwo - December 5

WAY TO GO NOLAGAL!! I'm so happy for you guys!


bOsSy415 - December 6

hey im new around here...but just wanted to say congrats i know that must have been the best feeling ever....and i see you are exactly 7 weeks and 5 days like me. how weirdd anyways hope everything goes well. :)



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