Week 10ish Or So Roll Call From Mary

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Mary - April 4

Hi all! So we have entered the 10th week - or are getting close to it or just got into the next week ... which means we are closer and closer to the end of the 1st quarter :). How are you feeling, what are your news? have you seen a doctor yet? Ultrasounds? Let us know!


Mary - April 4

I read that this week the baby will grow fingernails :) - how cute! Taste buds begin to form on the surface of the tongue. The primary teeth are at cap stage! With so much happening no wonder I still feel sick like a dog :) At this point Zofran is no longer working like it used to, but that is ok, I am so happy things are moving along and this time everything is fine ... :) Much baby glue to you!


lisa - April 4

hi mary i think we are due around the same time....i am due oct.31st. i see the doc tomrrow...pap smear...us i think and just a general check that everthing is going good. hopefully....i have been sick a lot...meds just dont help to much. good luck.


J - April 4

Hey, I'm due Nov 1. Went in last week for first apt; saw baby w/ultrasound. I believe he or she measures 28 millimeters. Other than being tragically tired, and short tempered, no other problems. (Actually, felt my worst after the dr's apt -- mild spotting and soreness after pap smear, but dr said that was normal.)


KP - April 4

Everything is fine but tired too much and has sometime c___pping lower part. Have an appointment today for papa smear... I am due 10/31


amanda.d - April 4

10w3d, i have my second appt on the 18th and at that point my doc is booking an u/s, it should be exciting.I am felling better everyday and am gaining some energy.I also don't have to have a pap smear cuz i just had mine done in early jan so i talked doc out of it, yay! Congrats on our week ten group.


Kim - April 4

Hi Mary, I am still feeling pretty well, although I am getting more tired every day. Only other symptoms right now are sore b___sts, acne, some headaches, although these may be sinus related. I have another appt. next week and an in-depth u/s on the 22nd. I am so happy that we are nearing week 12! Is anyone else having trouble fitting into their clothes this early? I have to wear suits every day and I am now down to about 2 that fit. I have been eating fairly well and just wanted to see if anyone else was in the same boat. Still way too early for maternity clothes but I am trying to find the best way around this transition because my clothes right now are pretty uncomfortable.


Dallia - April 5

Hi mary & mommies to be. I am 10 weeks 6 days and for the first time in months I am making it through the day without nausia and I am starting to have more energy and get back to the gym. b___bs are still huge and sore. I have not put on any weight but need new bras and clothes are really starting be tight. I am going for a nuchal fold u/s at 12 1/2 weeks.


J - April 5

Regarding the clothing question, I haven't gained weight, but I have gained that little belly (either from uterus expanding or baby I guess). It's not something that's obvious to others, but it's apparent when I'm getting dressed. I get to wear jeans to work and there are a couple of pairs that are no longer comfortable.


Kelly K - April 5

I'm finally over the exhaustion hump. I can actually stay awake until 10pm now!! I go in for my 3rd ultrasound on the 19th and we should be able to see a lot more then. I'm excited now. Got all kinds of baby stuff from family and friends already. Now it's REALLY sinking in that I'm having a baby.


tiffani - April 5

Yay!!!! We're almost over the hump. I think i'm 11 weeks today, but my 1st ultrasound will confirm it on Friday. Glad to have others to share this with. Not much nausea with this pregnancy, but tons of food aversions. The fatigue is easing up, I know my kids will be happy to have me back to normal, for atleast the next 12 weeks anyways. Hope you are all having a great day! :o)


jb - April 5

Feeling pretty good her. 10 weeks tomorrow! I am super tired and nauseous but haven't gotten really sick. Have my next Dr's appointment on 4/14 begging to hear the twins heartbeat!!!! Good Luck to everyone:)


Mary - April 8

Happy Friday to all - sorry I have not been around much - I have been working like a nut! Well for me today is the end of week 10 and I do feel that my belly is hard close to the navel, just one more week and I start the second trimester of this great adventure! :) I am 36 and I am having genetic counseling next week - then we will see about tests :). Everyone Have a great weekend, much much baby glue and baby feels goods!


c - April 8

I am starting my 10th week, will go see the Dr for bloodwork and stuff next week - no u/s till 16 weeks or so (yep I live in Canada) and I am finding too that my clothes are uncomfortable, I'll wear my jeans for the morning and then by afternoon I am in something with a stretchy waist band!! I am a stay at home mom now, so I am happy that I don't have to worry about work clothes. Otherwise I am feeling pretty good....baby love to you all!



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