Week 11ish Yipee Roll Call From Mary

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Mary - April 11

OMG! OMG! We have made it to week 11! Congratulations to each of you! this week the baby should be moving involuntarily and the brain structure of the fetus is complete! The palate is formed this week! Well, let us know how things are going and any new developments - How are you feeling? :) Much baby glue to you!


Mary - April 11

I am finally starting to feel a bit better! I have alot more energy and morning sickness is bearable most of the time! I feel my belly is getting harder right above my navel. Tomorrow I am going for genetic counseling! Much love to all of you!


Anna - April 11

I think I am on my 11th week - I will know next week for sure. :) Good luck to all!


tiffani - April 11

I had my ultrasound Friday, and my due date was moved back a week to Nov. 7th, so now i'm in my 10th week. (again, lol) Feeling great, and can't wait until the 2nd trimester. :o)


Nadine - April 11

Tiffani--My due date is Novemeber 6th! Hi!


tiffani - April 11

Nadine~ That's too funny. We actually conceived on Valentines Day, which would make our due date Nov. 6th as well, but the doctor is going by the due date calculated by the ultrasound. Oh well. I'm having a repeat C section, so my doctor said anytime after the 1st we'll have our little one. Man it seems so far away. :o)


Mary - April 11

My due date is the last week of October, and to me it seem so soon! :)


Nadine - April 11

There are two others I saw with the same dd (maybe one was 11/7) Cheryl and A...I hope all goes well! Should I be nervous if I think I concieved on the 11th and my due date is 11/6? The last us sound said 11/10, but she didn't want to change it because it wasn't a full week's difference...do you know anything? This is my first.


tiffani - April 11

Mary~ My original due date was the last week in October, the 26 to be exact. :o) Nadine~ Don't worry, ultrasounds are not 100%, but they are usually within a week as far as due dates are concerned. Remember, you are considered full term at 38 weeks, and most first time moms deliver after their due date. :o)


Kelly K - April 11

I actually had a bit of morning sickness for the first time today. I'm guessing it was due to the fact that it was hot in my house this morning. I'm 10w3d as of today. I'm hoping they don't move my due date yet again when I go in on the 19th. They've changed it twice now. As of today, I'm still due Nov 4th. Other than the sore b___bs and extremely exhaustion.. I'm doing pretty good. Ready to get out of the first trimester and into the safety net of the second.


amanda.d - April 11

I'm pretty sure my house hasn't been this clean in about oh 11 weeks LOL!! Energy is nice to have once again.Felling wonderful and great.Is it the 12th or 13th week when we move to second trimester????


Kim E - April 11

Hello everyone! I have an appt. tomorrow for an OB check and then I'll have a more in-depth u/s on the 22nd. Based on my first u/s I am due 10/30 or 10/31 and it does seem as if time is going by fast! I am feeling pretty good but fairly tired lately. I celebrated my 31st yesterday but the birthday I am most looking forward to this year is my baby's! I'll post an update if I get any new news tomorrow. Also, I think that everyone cla__sifies the trimesters a little differently but I have heard that the first trimester goes through week 13, even though risk of m/c drops around week 12. I guess that in a week or two we can start venturing over to the 2nd trimester board. Wow! That was quick!


amanda.d - April 11

Thanx Kim E.Exactly where did time go?LOL! soooooon ladies and we'll be on the 2nd trimester zone,YAY!


Mary - April 12

By checking the second trimester board, it seems that they a__sume the second trimester starts on week 13 - meaning that at week 12 we should still post here on 1st trimester. So I will post a thread for 12ish week next week and it will be the last one here :) Yikes! Yeah! :)


$$$ - April 12

I am still due 11/31 or 11/01... Let see if this is change...


tiffani - April 12

Your first trimester ends when you start your 13th week. So, the last day of your 12th week is the last day of the first trimester. :o)


elly - April 12

congrats to all! i am due on oct. 27th and cannot wait! i am feeling really sick in the afternoons, worse these last few days, actually. hopefully, i'll not be one of those women who have m/s throughout the preg. when i am not nauseous, i do have a bit more energy but then i now nap a good two hours every afternoon... good luck and baby glue to all!!!



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