Week 12ish From Mary Late

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Mary - April 21

Sorry for the late post. We should all be enjoying the end our 12ish week preggers! As this phase comes to an end, a renewed hope of all baby related things cames to my mind and soul. I am having a baby, and I cannot yet believe it so! Next week I will start posting on the 2nd Trimester board. I hope that each of you are in good health and feeling all 1st trimester symptoms fading as time goes by. :)


Mary - April 21

Hi all! My news this week - Nuchal Translucency measurement was .85 mm which based on my extensive web search is normal - Of course, I will not hear the final results until my blood work tests come back. The combination of the two will give me my new probability for a healthy baby. I am a bit scared about the blood test as it seems that everyone that has done it gets bad news. Baby was measuring 5.6 cm last week and it was moving like a little nut! About my symptoms - I am still very sick all the time and have lost 2 lbs in the last 3 weeks despite the amount of Bruster's ice cream I have been eating, which seems to be the only food group I do not throw up! :) Smells are not so acute anymore and I am Queen Grumpy and Drama Queen, too. I seem to cry even during commercials on TV! On a final note, despite the bad stuff, I am sooooo loving it! Being pregnant is a blessing! Love to all!


jb - April 21

Just fell into the 12th week and I will be following you over to the second trimester. My stomach totally popped out yesterday being that I have twins brewing and this being our second pregnancy I am showing a lot earlier. I am starting to feel pretty good though I still can't stand looking at Chinese food! Good luck to you all. Hope to see you all in the second trimester!!!


Mary - April 21

How awesome, jb ...twins! I am not showing yet and I can eat very selected few items ... dying for tuna salad! :)


jb - April 21

Thanks Mary! Okay maybe I am stupid but you can't have tuna yet? I think with my 1st I had tuna. Oops!


to Mary - April 21

Hi Mary and Congratulations on your pregnancy-I am in my 11th week and considering the nuchal transluency test-this is my first pregnancy and I am so nervous about everything. Have you heard of false positives regarding that test?


lisa - April 21

hi....mary i think the reason we are soo sick....maybe because the baby is moving so much...i cant stop throwing up and i have pain at the top of my stomach. i am not enjoying pregnancy i can not wait till oct. till it is over.


Kim E - April 21

Hi Mary, my Nuchal Translucency is tomorrow. I can't wait to see my little one again! My work clothes (mostly suits) are pretty much done now since they don't fit any longer. I was told today that due to my height (only 5'), I will get pretty big and may show early and that makes me feel better about the tight clothes. Of course I reintrodued carbs and sweets with the pregnancy and I almost never ate them before so I'm sure that that may have something to do with it. The sweets will be going tomorrow. I am so excited that we are all doing well and I can't wait to see everyone on the 2nd trimester board! I never had a lot of symptoms but the few I did have like bad skin have stayed with me. I will post the results of my test sometime tomorrow. Happy Friday everyone!


elly - April 22

hi Mary and everyone! after three months of non-stop starvation/heartburn leading to a ma__sive weight gain, my appet_te is finally back within the normal range again. i've finally got an okay from the doc to start some light exercise, so with the energy that's supposed to come back, well, maybe i'll not balloon so much in the second trimester. it's a blessing that we've made it to the second trimester when our chances of m/c drop... baby glue and health to all of you!


Kelly K - April 22

I went to the doc Tuesday for my normal monthly check up. He tried to find the heartbeat on doppler with no success so he sent me for an ultrasound. As soon as the tech started we found out why the doc couldn't find it. This baby is going to be a gymnast or a swimmer. Man that little sucker was just all over the place. She'd press down and he/she'd move over to the other side. It was amazing to finally see an active baby moving around. I think it finally made everything real for me. All of my symptoms are pretty much gone now. Just wish I could have my energy and normal bladder back. My doc said that should happen around 16-18 weeks. Only 4-6 to go! I'm 12 weeks as of today.


J - April 22

Hey guys (well, girls). Like Kelly, I'm also waiting for my energy level to come back. And between the bladder and the 15 yr old dog, I get up a lot at nite. Beyond that, can't complain too much, no sickness or food issues and still fit in normal clothes...just a little bulge. I eat a ton but I also work out and have horses so I get a lot of exercise. As for the tuna question, I've heard that it's okay in moderation...no more than once a week. Hang in there everyone...next week we graduate to the 2nd tri page.


Mary - April 22

I am so glad we are all doing so good and the babies are well, too. jb, I could have light canned tuna, but I only eat albacore which is not good to have. About false positives - everyone I know had a bad blood test (the one where 3 chemicals are measured). I got my results yesterday and the probabilities went from 1 in 350 to 1 in 4100 for Down and 1 in 10000 for Trisome 18. So in my case the combo of Nuchal + blood test was very good. At 18 weeks I will have another blood test and another u/s to test for spina bifida. I hope everyone gets positive results on the Nuchal Translucency test (for those doing it). Have a great weekend!


Mary - April 22

When I said positive results for the Nuchal test I mean - I hope all comes back normal, positive feeling of knowing the test is negative... aka a negative result! Jajajaj this can get so confusing! Sorry!


Mike - May 20

Hi...today my wife's NT came in at 3.9 mm (higher than normal) for 12-13 weeks...we're a little concerned & will get an amnio in the next 3 weeks - hope all of your pregnancies go well; thanks, Mike



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