Week 7 Ish

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Amy - April 19

Hi all. Just wanted to see who all is in or around their 7th week and see how you are feeling. Any new symptoms? Had first Dr.s appointments yet? EDD?


A - April 19

Hi Amy! I am right around there. I have my first dr appt. this afternoon. I don't think I will be able to hear the heartbeat or anythig, just lab work and paper work. I am a little nervous about having twins though. ( I am a fraternal twin). I'll let you know how it goes this afternoon- in 3 more hours. ugh.


Alexis - April 19

Hi I'm 7weeks 1 day my edd is Dec 5 according to the due date calculator here on this site. I will know for sure tomorrow when I have my first ob appt. I look like I'm 3months though. This is my third baby. I have a girl and a boy.


Kimmy - April 19

Hi .... I am also 7 weeks 1 day and i had my first ultrasound last week, we seen the heartbeat and the baby is positioned properly in my uterus. This is not my first pregnancy but hopefully first baby ! My estimated due date is December 5th also. My next appointment is on Monday April 25th. I havnt been too sick just a little nauseous when i am hungry and cant really complain about the tiredness that everyone is feeling.


Amy - April 19

Hi ladies. I am 7 weeks today and have my first Dr.s appointment thursday and my first u/s is going to be sometime next week. I've been really tired and really hungry alot lately. The bad thing is that the thought/sight of food makes me sick to my stomach. Oh well, it'll all be worth it. By the way my due date is Dec. 6th so far, but I'm sure it will chage by at least a few days after my u/s. Well I hope you are all doing well. Keep me posted on how things are going with you and your babies-to-be.


A - April 20

I went to the dr yesterday and it was pretty uneventful. I have my first ultrasound scheduled for May 16th to find out if I am having twis or not.


Kate - April 20

I'm 7 weeks 3 days today, EDD is Dec 4th, I have my first appointment on May 3rd but that's just for the bloods etc, I won't be having an u/s until around week 18-22. I've been really lucky with my symptoms so far, just the odd stomach cramp, a bit of back ache and sore b___bs, no sickness! This is my first pregnancy!


Caryn - April 20

I too am 7 weeks and 2 days... my EDD is Dec 4th... I had my second us last week and saw the heartbeat. I am scheduled to go again next week to check for progress... i guess the upside of being high-risk is I get to see the baby grow... not many symptoms except for tiredness, sore b___sts, and the occasional queasy-lightheaded moment...


Alexis - April 20

I had my first Dr. appt. today she says my edd is Dec 6 one day behind what I thought but she scheduled an ultrasound for May 13 oooo it's a Friday the 13th I hope I don't have bad luck that day. Anyhoo it's to confirm the date. My ob thinks that I will deliver before thanksgiving though since I've gone early with my previous 2 and I'm going to have a repeat C-section. Caryn, why are you high risk if you don't mind my asking?


Danielle - April 21

Hi. My edd is dec 3rd i am 7wks and 5days. Really exited but scared. I had a miscarriage last year at 7wks and 3days and i can not help but worry. This time it is totally different i have really bad sickness and the thort of food makes me sick where last time before iu had the miscarriage i was fine. do you think that nausea is a good sign then?


Jen - May 19

today i am exactly 7 weeks. i'm not feeling bad at all...i feel normal actually...more normal than last week...or maybe i'm already used to feeling this way..i dont know...in the mornings i'm nauseas but i always wake up hungry....i smell everything!! most smells annoy me..i dont know why....i'm tired all the time...but overall...i'm doing pretty good...no vomiting..less cramps and no more bloating...i already gained 10 pounds!!



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