Week 7 Weekly Roll Call

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Mary - March 14

In an effort to stay in touch with mommys' to be who are due at the same time I am, why not create a weekly thread so we can talk a bit about how we are doing as the weeks pass by. I will start :)


Mary - March 14

I am Mary, 36 yo expecting a first. I had an ectopic pregnancy in Oct/Nov and now I am 7 weeks 4 days preggo. Main symptoms - Nausea, nausea, nausea, tiredness, nausea, nausea ... my first prenatal is on the 21 ... so looking forward to it. Hubby has been great so far. :)


Kim - March 14

How are you, Mary? I will be 31 in April and we are expecting our first baby on 10/30. This date has yet to be confirmed - I go for my first appt. on 03/25! I have not been feeling very sick at all but I have had sore b___sts, acne, limited energy, and overall moodiness. 'Thought' that I was starting to spot last night but I have been fine since. I am very excited about this pregnancy and my husband has been just wonderful. We live in Southern CA. Thanks for starting this thread.


Kay - March 14

Hi! I am on the end of my 7th week :) Cool Idea, Mary. Let's keep in touch.


Kapu - March 14

I am 29 years old. I am also in week 7 or 8 I am not sure but will be find out today. I am just filling like Kim. How do we predict, will it be boy or girl? This is my second one and I really want a Boy. Have any clue?


Mary - March 14

Hi, Kim, Kay and Kapu! :) Kapu - do you want a prediction or true knowledge? There are many ways to guess the s_x of your baby, but none are very accurate. You can wait for an u/s later on, then you will know - some u/s are not right either ...the onkly fool proff way is to see the baby after it is born. :)


Kapu - March 14

Thanks for your answer. Yes, I want true knowledge. you are right but there is no way you will know before your baby born.


Sarah M. - March 14

Hi! I got a BFpositive over the weekend. I can't believe it and neither can my hubby. From what I can tell, I am about 3-4 weeks along, and so far I've been light headed, had very sore b___sts, strange acne on my back, and some cramping. I go to my first appointment April 11th.


To Sara - March 14

Congratulations!!! Much baby dust to you and enjoy the soon to come morning sickness! :)


A. - March 14

Hello everyone! I'm also seven weeks along. I had my first prenatal visit on the 7th, and we got to see the heartbeat. The doctor put me on oral progesterone since my levels were a little low (I also had a miscarriage last year), and now the morning sickness, headaches, and hungriness have come on full force. My skin's acting weird too. Best of luck to everyone...I'm looking forward to what the next seven months have in store!


lisa - March 14

hi...i am also 7 weeks had my us today with a great heartbeat...around 130 and measuring 7 weeks as well....i am due on 10/31. looking forward to hearing how everyone is doing....i have been feeling really sick light headed sore b___st....lots of being sick....will be glad to see it pa__s.


Susan - March 14

Great idea! My name is Susan and I am 7-8 weeks pregnant with our 3rd child. My 2 older children are 7 (boy) and 2 (girl). I am so tired with this pregnancy, but thankfully, nausea is not as bad as my first 2. My first appt. is 3/17 - can't wait. Take care you all!


Mary - March 14

I am making a mental note of each of you - hopefully as weeks progress we can share more interesting stuff! :) Hi, Kim!


Dallia - March 14

Hi girls I am 29 and 71/2 weeks with my first. I have sore b___sts and feel nauseas and tired pretty much all the time. I have not put on any weight but my body has really changed, b___bs huge and tummy looking bloated.


crystal - March 14

hi Mary, i am 8 weeks and 2 days today. i am due October 21 2005. i heard my baby's heartbeat when the baby was 6 weeks and 1 day old. and heart beat per minute was 118 bpm


Dallia - March 14

Hi Crystal I went for u/s at 6 weeks and saw the heart beat at 118bpm they say that a slower heart rate could mean a boy, have you heard that?


Cheryl - March 14

Hi everyone. I'm 24 yrs old and 7 weeks pregnant. I go for my first prenatal visit on the 16. I'm very execited. So far I'm just really tired all the time, by the end of the day at work I can barely keep my eyes open. And since I haven't told work yet it kinda hard. My b___st have been really tender, and my back has broke out in acne. Yuke! But I don't have any nausea yet and I'm very thankful for that.



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