Week 9 Roll Call From Mary

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Mary - March 28

Girls! We have made it to week 9 :) 3 more weeks and we have ended our 1st trimester! Please let us know how you are doing this week, your news and anything else you would like to share. As always, I will start! :)


Mary - March 28

So far so good, I still have a baby growing inside me :) Tomorrow is my 1st prenatal and I will post here anything interesting I learn. :) My symptoms are the same and a new one - my belly feels a bit bigger and a bit harder - maybe I am eating too much! :)


Kelly K - March 28

I'm thinking the ultrasound tech was wrong and I should be at 9 weeks so I'll stay along with you guys until the end! :) According to her, I'm 8.3 weeks as of today. Which is close enough in my books!


tiffani - March 28

Hello Ladies! I have my first ultrasound on April 8th, but as of now, my due date is Oct. 26, and I believe I'm 10 weeks tomorrow. Hoping you don't mind me hanging with you since we're just a week apart. :o)


Mary - March 28

Oh, I want to make sure anyone who is close enough to the week posted stay connected - from now on I will add an "ish" to the t_tle - 9ish week Roll Call :) I hope that works better :) Welcome, ladies and thank you for replying.


Kim - March 28

Glad to hear that you are all doing well! I had my first appt. and my first u/s last Friday. We got to see my little bean and we heard the heartbeat loud and clear. It was just a basic u/s and I may have another basic one in 2 weeks. If not, I have an appt. for a full u/s on 04/22. I switched Doctors during the course of last week and I love my new Doctor. It's an hour away but the practice is very conservative and the Doctors are great. Other than that, I am feeling pretty good but getting very, very tired by mid-day. I lost some of my bloating but managed to keep the acne. No other real symptoms right now, though. I hope that you are all feeling well and good luck on those upcoming appt.'s! Let us know the results! PS - My due date is still around Halloween. I don't think that they will have a better date for me until later in April. Oh, we also told our families this weekend for Easter since my Doctor dropped my chance of m/c down to <5%. Still, can't wait until we get through these next 3 weeks!


Bibby - March 29

I am also due on October 26th! I am starting to feel better now having suffered extreme fatigue and intermittant bouts of nausea. I have a scan on 19th April but have already had a couple due to scary pains I was having a while back. However, they said everything was OK. Am looking forward to the next one though as baby's dad will be coming along with me. Mary, my tummy also feels bigger but am worried that I am eating too much, my appet_te is crazy at the moment! I am getting married this Saturday and have my final fitting for my dress tomorrow so fingers crossed that I can get into it! It's been a wild couple of months but am really enjoying being pregnant. Am also v. glad that I found this site, it's nice to chat to others who are at the same point. Hope you all had a great Easter. Mary, I guess your appointment is today so I hope all goes well with that, let us know how you got on! Take care.


Kapu - March 29

Hi Mary, I am in my 9 weeks roll. As you know my dure date is same as you 10/31 or 11/01. Just wondering when you go for your 2nd U/S you willknow your s_x of the baby?


amanda.d - March 29

I am nine weeks my due date is oct.28th. I finally feel good, however i still have to have a small afternoon nap as i am not sleeping as good at nite.I can only eat what i am craving, but at least the morning sickness went away.Congrats to you all.


to Kapu - March 29

It all depends on when your second ultrasound is. They usually cannot tell the s_x of the baby until close to 20 weeks. I have seen your posts many times and you have been trying to find out the s_x since day one, even though people have responded to you that it takes a while to find out. I don't mean to be rude but is this all that's important to you because it certainly seems that way? Do you have to have one s_x over the other? I guess that I'm just not sure how many times you can ask the same question hoping for a different answer. You are not going to find out the s_x for a while and you need to understand that.


jb - March 29

hi all I am new to this roll call and I will be 9 weeks tomorrow. I found out last week that I am pregnant with twins!!!! I am so excited and scared at the same time. I already had a little boy who is the love of my life and we couldn't be happier to have 2 more coming. Heart beats where at 167 & 162 and everything looks great! My due date is Nov. 2nd:)


Kim E - March 29

Congratulations, JB! That is such exciting news! You'll have to let us know how you are progressing.


Mary - March 29

It is so nice to hear from each of you - so some of you are getting over the morning sickness! Not me today I was one hour late on my pill and was throwing up all over the place - yuck! Bibby, yes my apptmt is today at 5 pm (EST) - I am so excited and hoping for a quick ultrasound today. I am not sure what will happened in my first prenatal. Kapu, is this your first? Today I was looking for clothing for me - something more comfy and walked by the children section of the store - I touched both boys and girls outfits and I felt such different sensation for each. I now realize s_x is unimportant as long as they are healthy - and I pray everyday for it. :)


kapu - March 29

Mary, yes this is and I know healthy baby is more important but always I have this though that what will I have and I want to find out so that's why... Anyway thanks:))


tiffani - March 29

Wow jb, that's awesome, twins!!! My doctor suspects something is up with me since my uterus feels large for where i'm at in my pregnancy. We'll find out on April 8th how many little ones are in there. Did you have any symptoms that made you believe there were more than one? I've read symptoms are more severe, but I also was talking to a lady at the grocery store who was 5 months preg. with twins and didn't know she was pregnant until the beginning of her 4th month. I already have a 3 year old and a 15 month old, so twins would kick my b___t, but I'd be thrilled none the less. Congratulations on your 2 bundles of joy! :o)


Mary - March 30

My prenatal was simple and no ultrasound - I will not have an u/s until week 20! Next month I will hear the baby's heart. Through a pervic exam the size of my uterus matches the age of the baby - 9 weeks 5 days. I am very happy that all is fine :) Also, with hubby we started discussing genetic counseling, given that I am 36, and we came up to the conclusion that we do not want to know - we will love the baby either way. :)


jb - March 30

tiffani~ I had an a__sisted pregnancy with my first pregnancy and had 1 beautiful baby boy who is 3. This time we had to go through a lot of treatments and I got 2. To be honest I was very shocked! I wasn't expecting 2. I am so happy that there is, this completes our family. I knew something was different with this pregnancy because I never got sick with my son and I have been extremely sick and very tired. I almost thought that something was wrong. But everything checks out good and they look great:)



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