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CourtneyHope - August 13

So I have been curious because I have been reading these forums for a while and there has always been an argument as to how you count the months of your pregnancy. Is it counted by weeks or by actual to the date months? Today I will be to the date 2 months, but Friday it will be 9 weeks. I am really just curious to see when the three month marker hits so I know when we are out of the 'danger zone'. Let me know what you guys think!


clindholm - August 13

I think the first trimester is 14 weeks (that's what I was told when I posted the question. You can count by calendar months to be more accurate or else it is a full 9 months (the end) when you deliver. Does that make sense? Alot of doctors and books count a month as 4 weeks, so it's confusing. Good luck.


Zoey06 - August 13

Courtney- From what I have figured out 1 month is 1 to 4 weeks, 2 months is 5 to 8 wekks and the third month is 9 to 13 weeks. After that you begin the second trimester from 14 to 17 weeks. Some months they count every 4 weeks some are more. Because february is the only month that only has 28 days even or 4 exact weeks. Every other month has more. I hear after your first trimester most women are clear out of the water. So I am 9weeks and 4 days today but I tell eveyone I am in my 10th week. Just cause I gained so much weight and I want to justify it...hehehe!


CourtneyHope - August 25

So......When is the end of the 'danger zone'? Is it 12 weeks, or three months, cause that is about 2-3 weeks difference for me.


callie2008 - August 25

courtney, i always heard 12 weeks!!! youre soo close! lucky you!


clindholm - August 25

You can also divide the 40 weeks by 3= 13.3 weeks each trimester. The average month is 30 days. I would go by 3 months at 30 days.


SarahBethT - August 26

I heard 12 weeks. Thats what my book said "What to expect when your expecting" Once you finish your 12th week your into you next trimester


CourtneyHope - August 26

I always heard 12 weeks too, so I'm pretty confident we are going to be fine anyway, but that milestone will definitely help us breathe a little easier! We go in for our second appt on the 2nd, so I'll double check then too, cause some websites don't consider you in your second trimester until 15 weeks...I guess there is a difference between the 'danger zone' and the trimesters...maybe that's it!



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