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write2sarah - May 20

I have gained 6 pounds. I think I'm about 7 weeks pregnant, although my midwife couldn't date it at the first appointment. (We have an ultrasound scheduled Tuesday). I gained about five pounds from Friday to Monday a couple weeks ago. Although I think that was mostly water, I think it has been replaced with br___t and belly. I weighed about 137 before I was pregnant. Everything I'm reading tells me I should gain more than 3 pounds in the first trimester and that I'm probably not showing. I am showing (and I'm not constipated at all) and this weight gain seems a bit ridiculous. I was eating healthy when I gained the extra weight. This week, I'm so queazy, I can only get down what I can get down, so I don't think the weight gain is because of overeating. Has anyone else had weight gain like this or showed early? (I popped a button on my pants this week). Normally, I do not gain weight on my br___ts or stomach. (I bought larger bras this week - I'm already outgrowing them). I'm 27. This is my first pregnancy.


HannahBaby - May 20

Hmmm. Well its definatly not your baby. Right now your baby is about the size of a grain of rice. You may look like you are showing becuase you are bloated (which doesnt mean constipation) I think that youare gaining way too much weight. I am 19 weeks and havent gained anything yet. Breasts do get bigger in pregnancy, but to me you sound bloated.


write2sarah - May 25

Found out it's twins. The weight gain is normal.


Chris23 - May 25

Just curious, do you have a history of twins in your family?


olivia - May 25

Horray for you! Twins! My friend had twins for her first (2 girls seemingly identical, no family history). Congratulations mommy to be!!! I don' t even know you and I am excited :)


flower.momma - May 25

Twins! That is awesome, lucky you.


write2sarah - May 25

I have no family history. My husband's father said his aunts or great-aunts were twins. Still, quite a shock. This was the first month we tried getting pregnant. We were surprised it took so quickly, and were even more surprised to see those two little bubbles with two little heartbeats. But, obviously, overjoyed.


write2sarah - May 25

P.S. Thanks for all the good wishes!



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