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gemmay1 - February 4

im 5weeks pregnant and at the min i cannot stop eating i am constantly hungary.when i went to get in my work uniform todaoy my trousers were rather tight.has any1 had this so early on, this is my 2nd child so maybe its still a bit baby fat frm b4.lol??


tryingx3 - February 4

I felt really bloated early my 5th/6th week and then no real change since then (now week 8) - of course, I stopped wearing the khaki pants I had been noticing the gain in...2nd for me too and about 13 extra lbs! Yikes!


confused.girly - February 5

my friend went through that EXACTLY. its perfectly normal


Chris1975 - February 5

Hi....this is my 2nd bub too and ive bloated out heaps from about 6weeks...its now getting worse (8wks) . My pants are all so tight i get cameltoe if i wear em! LOL....have had to go up a size :) My weight hasnt changed though, so i know its bloating. Dont worry about eating heaps....just make sure its healthy as its obviously your body needing the extra food for the bub :)


norma jeane - February 5

I'm only 9w and I've already put on five pounds. I have intense cravings for heavy comfort type foods and I have'nt been as active because I feel sick alot and too tired to exercise. I put on a lot with my first too tho.........


EricaB - February 5

I'm nine weeks, and have gained 11 pounds. I thought it was just because I stopped marathon training. Yesterday, I found out otherwise. 12 cm fibroid, as big as a newborn baby's head! Not cool. I am being rechecked in a couple weeks, then they'll give me more info.


tryingx3 - February 5

Erica - oh my! What causes fibroids and where is it located? on an ovary?


TiffaniM - February 5

I hear ya sister, i am 9 weeks and constatly hungry. if i alow myself to get slightly hungry, I get sick. i know i am not showing yet but the pants are getting tight!!


sarah21 - February 6

Well I am almost 8 weeks with my second and I am definitely getting a bump. Going to get maternity pants this weekend since my pants are getting tight and uncomfortable. I am really surprised it's going this fast this time. My first pregnancy I still hardly looked pregnant at 6 months.


sarah21 - February 6

Oh and I am hungry all the time, too, but I've only gained 3 pounds.


EricaB - February 8

A fibroid is a benign tumor (not cancerous) attached to the uterine wall. It can be within the muscular wall, in the layer outside, or within the uterine cavity. 20-30% of women have them, but they usually don't cause problems. They aren't usually big enough to have a different area code than the baby, though!



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