Weight Gain In First Trimester

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jen d. - January 25

i am 9 weeks pregnant today! and found out a week and a half ago, but previous to knowing i was going crazy because i suddenly gained 8 pounds out of nowhere! i'm very consciencious about my weight and work very hard to stay fit and slender. no matter what i eat or how i exercize i have this permanent cushion of water and what-not over my whole body! my clothes are tight already and in the past week and a half i've gained 3 more pounds! if i had drastically increased my calorie intake or cut way back on excercizing i could understand, but i haven't! i probably eat 300 calories a day more than i used to...in juices, milk, or nuts. i've read the books and they all say gaining between 3 and 4 pounds in the whole first trimester is normal! am i not normal? i know that the end result will be SO worth it!!! and i feel bad even complaining. but i'm just worried that i'm gaining too much and that i will not be able to lose it afterward! has anyone else experienced this? please let me know! thanx


vd - January 25



michelle - January 25

iam 10 wks 5 days, and gained almost 10 lbs! i started out at 104, and could not gain an once, no matter what i ate, now suddenly iam 113, which doesn't sound fat i know, but for me, and the way iam eating, it's screy to gain so fast. iam just like you, very body consious, and worried about my future figure. at this rate, i'd be 200 lbs by delivery, and i CANNOT let that happen!! but what can we do? my dr. doesn't get concerned right now, cause iam still under what i should be for 5'6'', but that is no comfort to me, what can be making this happen? if i was totally pigging out and not exercising i could understand, butg right now, i just can't. where is the weight coming from, and will it ever level out? iam w/ you hon, and scared stiff!! big hugs, michelle


michelle - January 25

keep in touch! we'll get it back:)


Nikki - January 26

Were you really skinny or underweight before you got pregnant? Before I was prego I was 118 and I am 5'6", now I am 10 weeks and at 122. I was a little freaked about the weight gain, and because I do eat a lot. Midwife said people who start at a normal weight might pack it on quicker in the beginning than women who started at a higher weight...I wouldn't worry.


jen d. - January 27

well, i got married in October...and with that and the holidays, i gained 4 lbs. no big deal! but, at Christmas time (pregnant and unaware) that's when i started to pack on the weight. i stay very fit and was at a very good weight for me. i'm 6 ft. tall, so i have lots of room to spread the extra pounds over. but, i just feel uncomfortable with the new "pudge." i was concerned so i called my mom and she said that when she was pregnant with me and my sister, she gained 10 pounds in the first month...with my brother, she didn't. but she gained a healthy 25 pounds with each of us and took it off within 6 months. so, if it runs in the family...i'm expecting a girl! good luck every one!


marcella - January 29

hi iam 7 weeks ans i have gained 8lbs i feel fat and bloated. i am very conciouse of my wieght,but i feel sick and hungry all the time,i feel like i am 6 months pregnant,i have two children ,i did not feel like this before,it is worring as i suffer from joint pain and i dont want to get too heavy.


Jenny - January 29

I think alot of that early weight gain is from being constipated and bloated. LOL...atleast that is what i keep telling myself



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