Weight Gain In The First Trimester

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laurak - May 25

Hello all, im just a bit worried about my weight gain. I am 10 weeks pregnant and i have gained 10 lbs already, this isnt good is it?!! What should i have gained? xxxx


Chris23 - May 25

My doctor told me 1 pound a month for the first 3/4 months and a pound a week after that. I know that it's different for twins tho.


srigles - May 25

Hi laurak - I'm 12 weeks and have gained 10lbs as well. My doctor told me that some people tend to put on more on the beginning and then it evens out as things progress. I was freaked out about how big I got so quickly! Also, could some of it be bloating? I know that's definitely part of mine! Good luck!


laurak - May 25

Hi guys thanks for your responses. I dont feel like im getting bigger everywhere else just my belly n b___bs!!! Ill see what the doc says in next appointment xx Thanks xx


ro - May 25

I've gained 10 lbs so far, and I'm only 10 weeks pregnant also!! I know it's definitely from the food I'm eating. I have a major aversion to anything healthy right now. I'm also constipated (tmi, sorry)- which probably has to do with the fact that I'm too nauseas to exercise anymore and don't get hardly any veggies into my diet. I'm hoping once the nausea pa__ses, and I'm feeling semi-normal in the 2nd trimester, I'll be able to get back to eating healthy and exercising like I used to do before I got pregnant. Hoping that'll slow down the weight gain. Before I got pregnant, I always thought that I'd eat only healthy foods, exercise and all that good stuff - ha,ha yeah right. The morning sickness is just so awful, and I'll do anything to get relief from it, which is usually just sleeping or eating.


skim - May 25

I'm 12 weeks pregnant and I gained 9lbs by my 9th week. In the last 3 weeks, I found that my weight has evened out and I haven't gained any more. Actually, I lost 2 lbs in the last couple of weeks and I haven't changed my eating habits. The only thing I can think of to explain it is water retention and bloating.


nursej - June 6

well iam 7 weeks 2 days and ive gained 2.7lbs so far, but i am medium built anyway pre pregnancy.


hayleyc - June 6

Hiya, I seemed to be the same as skim, I am 8 wks and have already gained 8lb I hope it start to even out the same too...hope its bloating and water retention like you say...and Laurek i don't notice any change anywhere else either only my belly and b___bs. Ro i am also having trouble having a poo wondering whether thats anything to do with it. When I wasn't pregnant and have had trouble going, I could weight myself before and after managing to go would loose a couple of pounds of the scale. I don't like the idea of having an enourmous baby... xxx


skim - June 7

Well, i'm at 13.5 weeks now and I plateaued at a total weight gain of 6 lbs in my first trimester. Even though I haven't gained any weight, I think it's all redistributing to my belly and my b___bs. I can't wear my jeans anymore as of this week so I picked up a pair of maternity jeans at Gap. Man, they are comfy! Hayley....constipation in pregnancy is normal. Try adding more fiber to your diet. I eat All bran every morning and it gives you 14g of fiber in each serving. It works wonders!


Steff - June 7

I put on 4 pounds so far. I am 11 weeks. I think most of it is b___b though. I've gone up 2 cup sizes!!! ha ha ha.... c to a dd. Holy cow, I'm like a p___n star ha ha ha!!!!


NVgirl - June 7

I am 13w4d and was weighed at the OB's office yesterday and it said I have gained 10 lbs... the doc didn't say it was bad or good. BUT... about 1.5 months ago I had extreme m/s where I lost 10 pounds. So technically I am back up to my original weight. So I don't know exactly what was water gain from dehydration and what was food gain.


khanna - June 10

Hi, Im 14 weeks exactly and so far I have gained 21 pounds and its all belly and b___bs. I am a fit person for some reason I just gain alot. But its slowing down now. I ask my doctor and didn't say much like it was something normal.


NURSEJ - June 27

well ladies i am now 10 weeks pregnant and i have gained a wooping 7lbs in 1 month. i feel so fat i am 141 lbs, i have never been this heavy before. my heaviest was 135lbs. my dr. said it's okay i am sm-medium built, my mom says i will be all stomach.


NURSEJ - June 27

also b___bs too.



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