Weight Gain This Early

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jeannie123 - January 17

Hi everyone, Okay, I know that I shouldn't be thinking about this, but did anyone gain a lot of weight right at first? Before I knew I was pg I had gained a few pounds over Christmas and was trying to lose it (about 5 pounds). Then once I found out, I've obviously stopped dieting, but feel like I'm still gaining so fast (Now it's been about 8 pounds total). Is this just me pigging out, or is it normal to gain that much right away?


jeannie123 - January 17

By the way, I'm only about 6wks pg


jessicaspatherapist - January 17

i would say that is not "normal" weight gain. however everyone is different....could it just be bloat?


jeannie123 - January 17

Possibly. I think though that I've just been eating too much lol!! I just feel like I get hungrier more often and I don't want to not eat if I'm hungry now.


moescrilla - January 17

you could've put on 8 lbs of water...lol...seriously, I wouldnt worrry about it. Pregnancy is supposed to be one of the only times you dont have to worry about it. I mean, theres nothing you can really do, (except not over-eat all the time) theres always after you have your baby. I lost 70 lbs total after I had mine. I didnt gain any weight throughout my preg. though, so I lost thirty pounds right after then worked off the rest.


rjrmi - January 17

Jeannie, I wouldn't worry too much. Everyone is different and maybe you needed it. I had gained a few pounds at first to when I was around 6 weeks......but then at about 6 and a half weeks BAM! The morning sickness hit and I lost 7 pounds in the next 3 weeks. Just make sure the food you are eating is healthy and nutritious, and not junk food, and you should be ok. It's amazing, but somehow your body just knows what it needs to do!


soimpatient - January 17

Try not to worry....I gained a lot of weight very quickly. (I am 13 weeks and I have gained + or - 11lbs). The most important thing is that you are nourishing your body with healthy foods and staying active. The number on the scale is not that important.



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