Weird And Maybe Too Personal Help

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erin25 - March 8

I have this sharp pain that comes and goes about 4-5 times a day........but it's around my butt (this is the weird part) kinda feels like it's in my cheek but closer to the middle.....does anyone else have this? Sorry this is a weird question.


celticfaere - March 8

Well I'm not positive but it rather sounds like a sciatic problem, does the sharp pain go down your leg. I would just call your Dr. see what he said, or your Primary Care Doc.


Kime - March 9

Ya i have that all the itme. I think it's b/c im getting big( im 6 months) and im starting to put alot of pressure on my hips. Mine starts to hurt if i sit down for a while. Plus im starting to get carpel tunnel in my wrist too.


Peachtree - March 9

Hi Erin. I have a big problem with pain in my b___t (ha!). I already have an exisiting back problem (bulging disc in lumbar spine and narrowing of the spine, thickened ligaments), around 8 weeks I started having severe pain that went into my b___t cheek, but like you described, more to the centre. It makes it very difficult to walk, turn over in bed, and shift from a seated position. Somedays it's ok, somedays I can hardly walk. From what I've been reading, there is something called "Pelvic Girdle Pain", and it sounds just like what I'm experiencing. Alot of woman experience sciatica during pregnancy, but because this pain doens't radiate down my leg at all, I started looking into what else it could be. Google Pelvic Girdle Pain and read a bit about it to see if it's what you're experiencing.


lisarenee - March 9

Peachtree, I also have a herniated disk in my low back. I found out that I had it in November after being laid up from an ectopic pregnancy it flared up. After numerous Dr. visits and an MRI I found out what it was and then with excersice and stretching I got stabalised again. Now I am worried about what getting bigger will bring for pain. My goal was to loose weight before pregnancy so it might be easier on the back but It didn't turn out that way :) My husband was a little bit eager. Were you at an ideal weight before pregnancy?


erin25 - March 9

Thank you so much for your input. There are many different pains and things that we are all's hard not to worry about everything. BTW I love this can actually say anything and not feel silly about it.......thank you guys!


Peachtree - March 9

lisarenee; my back problem began about 7 years ago, when I was in the best shape of my life. I was toned, and thin, and even had a bit of a six pack. One day I was leaning over, and back has never been the same. The problem was most likely there for a long time, I've been quite active in my life, and it was just waiting to 'go' on me. My MRI showed everything I mentioned in my above post. Because I left it for so long (I was so afraid to hurt it, that I decided to do nothing...meaning, no activity that would irritate it), my back actually got worse. Over a year ago I started physio, which helped a little, but because I had left it so long, it was difficult to stabilize. I also see a chiropractor, and an ostiopath. ANYWAY...sorry for rambling- to answer your question, no, I am not my ideal weight. Doing nothing for a long time obviously made me gain weight, and because it's so difficult for me to exercise without being in pain, or causing pain, I don't do it very often (but I swim, and do water areobics sometimes). I've always been really afraid of being pregnant with extra weight on me with my back being so bad. But I guess I'm just going to have to put up with some pain (kinda used to it by now anyway). I'm about 20-25 pounds above my ideal weight now (but i'm tall, so I manage to hide and distribute it pretty well). I'm so bummed that I'm experiencing another kind of back/b___t problem now that I'm pregnant because the last thing I need is more pain in that area. My midwife also suggested that I eventually see the anesthesiologis (sp?) in the case that I can't receive an epidural if I chose to have one. Sometimes when you have bulging/herniated discs, they can't give you an epidural, so you might want to check with your doctor too. Sorry for rambling about this...I could go on and on about my back!


lisarenee - March 9

Peachtree, I also went to Chiro, PT and a sport medecine Dr. My next step was an orthopedic Dr. but I got better. I also swim daily and it helps my back alot! If I do not go for a few days I can really feel it. Wow, good to know about the epidural! I was planning to try natural but have an epidural awaiting in the lurches if need be. Sounds like I might just have to scream and bear what if you have to have an emergency c-section?!?! Don't they administer the medicine the same way? Do you think they can possibly not do c-section if you have a buldging disk? Yikes. Yet another question on my list for the doctor!



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