Weird Cravings Showing Up

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ChattyKathy - January 19

Well, before I found out I was pregnant i DIED for potato salad for about a week. After that was steakhouse burgers and then refried beans. But this one is my first weird craving... Pickles and Mayo! I'm usually not a fan of either! Anyone else having any cravings showing up yet?


Tonya2376 - January 19

The foods that I generally like don't even sound good to me lately. I am not a big fan of mcdonalds at all in general, but I crave there fries all the time now!! I hope that goes away or I will not be able to get out the front door.


punkyn - January 20

i was watching discovery health channel and this lady had a craving for toilet paper she ate 6 rolls a day . that explains why she was in the er on discovery channel lol. i like baby power every since i was a kid i just love to eat it .


ChattyKathy - January 20

lol its called PICA. Eating things that aren't food... can be dangerous, like that woman found out =S


jessicaspatherapist - January 20

kathy....its funny you craved potato salad because for the first 8 weeks or so i craved baked potatos, french fries and home fries! must be the iron in these taters! now i'm 13w1d and i crave nachos and very strong flavored foods.....but garlic kills me!


nic - January 20

Yes! I find I want fried tomatoes on toast ALL the time. I hardly ever this normally.


lovestruckjsw - January 20

my favorite thing lately has been macaroni and cheese with ketchup! yum!! Also lovin apples right now alot. But you could not make me eat a steak for anything right now. That's my aversion right now : )


nic - January 21

I've been eating lots of apples too. I tend to favour foods right now which don't smell too much.


MNMOM - January 21

I'm eating lots of oranges. The one thing I cannot stomach at all is meat. I didn't have this problem with my first. It's weird. Now my DH has to grill just for himself, it's kinda sad, I can't stand the site of any meat!!


lovestruckjsw - January 21

Just curious mnmom, did you have a boy or girl? I have heard old wives tales that someone who can't stand meat during their pregnancy will have a girl, and if they love meat during their pregnancy, they will have a boy. Anyone know how true this one is?


margie - January 23

this wouldn't normally be wierd i suppose...but i had my first craving the other night at about 10pm so bad that my boyfriend and i ended up going to the grocery store....but i just could not stop thinking about apple pie! seriously, couldn't think of anything else i wanted and i felt nauseous at the same time but still had to eat it. it was funny. i finally realized what it felt like to have a sure the wierder ones are yet to come


mrs.raymond - January 26

i was craving pizza..with everything on it but while i was waiting for the delivery guy to show up i started craving cream cheese...; 0 so for a brief moment i contemplated putting cream cheese on my pizza ;) but i couldnt do it so i ate like a bite of cream cheese then had a slice of pizza...after i ate it i was really sick....with my son i craved celery with peanut b___ter and raisins.....yummy!!


hapistuff - January 29

I am craving b___ter milk with a little salt, V8 juice, and pickle juice. My sister craved V8 juice when she was pregnant with twins.



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