Weird Dreams

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looby - June 10

Just thought it 'd be interesting to hear some of your dreams. Since I found out I was pregnant, been having really weird ones. One was giving birth to a ten pound baby boy who could sit up by himself as soon as he was born! The other was being told i was carrying triplets, aaah! Anyone else got any dreams to share?


Bluespace86 - June 10

I was having weird dreams even before I found out that I was pregnant (jes found out for sure yesterday). I dreamt once that my friend had a baby girl, then that my brother got some girl pregnant (I dreamt this twice!), then that I had a little boy.


pattford - June 10

I have been having outrageous dreams. They are so wierd and memorable in the morning. I never had too many dreams before, and definitely never remembered them. I have only had 1 dream about my baby. I dreamt that I had a little girl(toddler size), named Taylor. That's not even a name we're considering. Funny wierd.


nursej - June 11

i have been having weird dreams too, but about my husband's son with another woman. it is weird b/c this little boy who is 7 y/o is always in my dreams don't know why.


looby - June 11

I'm glad I'm not the only one having these bizarre dreams. Had another last night about giving birth and having absolutely nothing for the baby. Think it's because my sleep patterns have been interrupted with getting up and going to the loo more often, I don't normally remember any dreams.


LILMAMA - June 11



celina78 - June 11

I've been having vivid dreams too. I dreamt one night that I'd had the baby, but kept forgetting to feed it because it never cried. Another time I dreamt I gave birth, but the baby turned into a peice of shrimp and the doctor said it was because I ate too much seafood during the pregnancy!


snugglybugglys - June 12

Well I haven't had any dreams about this pregnancy yet, but with my last one, ( I have c-sections) I dreamt that my baby had her legs out of my scar and her legs were just swinging there having fun. And I was like OMG everyone look! The babies legs are out! And no one was suprised! It made me so confused in my dream...I was like why aren't they freaking out! Anyway, I was playing with her little was cute, but really weird! :)


ezwaggy - June 12

I've been having bad dreams lately. In one I dreamt I went to a party and drank all night because I forgot I was pregnant! Other dreams have just been vivid and scary and last night in my dream my teeth hurt. It was a relief to wake up - I almost wonder if i was clenching or grinding them in my sleep even though I haven't before. Weird. Is it hormones or something?


Steff - June 12

I've had really crazy dreams also. Everynight it is something else. One night I was being chased by zombies that I could actually reason with by the way....The next night I gave birth to a toddler. That's just to name a few :) So strange!!!


tonilee7 - June 12

Hi, I have been having dreams but they are more scary than wierd, my first dream was that I started to bleed and then the next day I bled (not bad) and now I have had a dream about having a miscarriage and since the dream all my symptoms have dissapeared I havnt got sore b___sts, any nausia, i got my appet_te back and i am not as tired, so I am really worried that this dream may come true like the first. It got the better of me so I have made an appointment with the doc tomorrow to see whats going on in there as I am only 7 weeks 2 days, has anyone else had dreams like this? and actually had then come true........curious


looby - June 13

Tonilee, don't worry about your symptoms disappearing, it doesn't mean anything - I can remember that happening with my first baby and everything was fine. Lots of pregnant women pa__s a little blood, as long as it's not lots you shouldn't worry. It's probably the blood that brought on your miscarriage dream, anxiety can do funny things. But you're right to check it out with your Dr, peace of mind can do wanders! I've had a miscarriage before, you would know about it if you were having one, the cramps are a lot more severe than af/pregnancy cramps and you lose more than a little blood. I wouldn't pay too much attention to the dreams, we all worry about our babies when we're pregnant and it's not surprising that this can result in horrid dreams!


Cocozen - June 13

To tell you the truth I haven't had any bad dreams yet. Or anything about the baby. I...dream about s_x. And it's weird because I'm not even a nympho and I hardly ever think about it. But I keep dreaming and having awkward and when i say awkward I mean it dreams lol. Hopefully they will go away and turn into ones about the baby, because I sure would rather dream about that!!! It's crazy though, I have never had dreams like these before I was pregnant. *sigh*


tonilee7 - June 14

well it makes me sick to the guts having to say this but i went to the docs today and it's official my baby is dead it died at 6 weeks 3 days i am just waiting to miscarry now if i dont I have to have a d and c this is really scary first i dreamt that i bled and i did then i dreamt that i miscarried and now i find out my baby is dead and i will more than likely miscarry, this is what you call wierd, how does this happen is this just a really wierd and scary co-insidence or am i going mad???? i can not believe it myself............................i nearlly died when they couldnt find the heart beat...


looby - June 14

Tonilee, I'm so sorry to hear you've had a miscarriage, I know how you must be feeling at the moment, it's awful losing a baby and losing one early on doesn't make it any less painful. Really feeling for you at the moment, but if you can (I know it's hard at this stage), try to think of it as nature's way - there was probably something very wrong.


looby - June 14

So sorry, didn't mean to write miscarriage as you haven't had one. You really must be going through it at the moment and my heart goes out to you.


shesdymed - June 14

prior to this pregnancy, i had an abortion for personal reasons. idk the dreams i were havin just made me feel very baddlyyy. i dreamt that i left the baby in the tour bus (i have no clue why a tour bus) quickly so that i can bring the luggage down, and the guy drove off not realizing the baby was in it and i never found my baby. it wa soo sad. i wolk up in such a discomfort making me think about what i've been thru with the abortion and now im pregnant again. but the crazy thing about it is that i have dreams for a reason theres a meaning to my dreams a loy of the times. it doesnt ACTUALLY mean i will leave my baby.. but i think it had somethin to do with the abortion and how i just let my baby go or something . idk



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