Weird Mourning Sickness

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ElizabethAnn - April 11

Has anyone had m/s where your pretty much ok, but when you leave the house it gets worse? I feel like im locked up in the house alllll day!!! i tried to go grocery shopping today, but as soon as i got in the store i had to run to the car thinking i was gunna throw up!!! But if i'm at home just sitting around i seem to be ok! i wanna get out and about soo bad! i'm only 8 weeks, i hope this doesnt last much longer i want some energy!!!! anyone else have this prob?


fara - April 12

when did it start?


ElizabethAnn - April 12

ummm bout week and a half ago


fara - April 12

if u try sipping icey cold water,it shd help..have u tried?


ElizabethAnn - April 12

nope havent tried that... i fine that mints help, but lately they have been working less and less... i'll try the icey cold water!! sounds good!! i just wanna be able to enjoy the outdoors! hehe


fara - April 12

yeah i hope u get better..:) ....take care n let me noe.


stacie23 - April 12

I find my m/s gets worse when I'm moving around... maybe thats why you feel sick when your out and about? I also found as gross as it tastes decaf regular tea, just black has helped calm my tummy.. Good luck and I hear you.. I'm sick of feeling sick...


knpandrews - April 12

ElizabethAnn...Thats the story of my life for the past 6 wks. I usually feel ok when i get up in the morning. Then as soon as I start walking around thats it for me. I throw up usually 2 times a day but by 4 pm it usually settles down and then its the same thing all over again the next morning. I am 13 wks. today and it has started to get a little better however, I still cant sit in a car, go on the metro, or even going to the movies doesnt work for me. I am hoping there is a light at the end of this tunnel soon. Try sucking on pepermints to ease the morning sickness or keep a water bottle full of ice with you. It has helped me some. Good luck and know that you are not alone.


mandee25 - April 12

Yeah I work at night so my "morning" sickness doesn't begin until late afternoon unless I don't eat as soon as I get up.


Leilani14 - April 13

Hi! Try sea bands. For some women their nausea gets worse with movement. In car, walking and usully for those wome sea bans help. I was just plain sick and my nausea was not related to moving and as expected sea bands didn't help. Take care



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