Weird Period Or Implantation Bleeding

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bqks789 - July 29

My boyfriend and i have had unprotected s_x multiple times since my last period. I was supposed to start my next period today on the 29 of july. Instead it came the night of the 25th, so about 3-4 days early. It came after my boyfriend and I had s_x. I don't know if thats what caused it to come early or what? Anyways, it was brown and pink that night. Very light compared to my normal period. usually when it comes it is heavy right away. the first 2 days are the heaviest flow. It filled up a half of a light tampon that night and the next day it was medium flow kind of but half brown and half red color. It continued like this and I noticed I was getting clots. I normally have a few. But within the next day my period switched from a flow to just clots. Not big, they were small and dark red. Not to be gross by going into too much detail but I also noticed that it was particularly stringy and that sometimes on the tampon it would be like stringy clear discharge mixed with period blood. Then the next day, so the 2nd day of it it stopped all together for a good 5 hours. And started to pick back up again at night this time with no clots, just a watered down red-but not pink and brown color. It has been doing this all day. It is now in the middle of the 3rd full day of what may be my period? Still a very light flow. I have been feeling an urge to pee a lot recently. Like I have a UTI. I pee and then feel like i still have to pee more. And this whole time i have been having light cramps. When i was clotting i had back pain, which i normally don't get during my period. Is my cycle just changing? Or could i possibly be pregnant? I took two pregnancy tests. One last night, which was the night before my period was scheduled to start. Negative. And one this morning which was the morning my period was scheduled to start. It was first response early detect. Did i take the test too early?? I'm kind of freaking out, because like i said this is not my normal period. I've been reading a lot and I'm wondering if i could be one of the few people that have early pregnancy bleeding. OR have i just been reading up wayyyy too much on it, and its all in my head? If you ever had an experience like this PLEASE share. And please share whether or not you ended up pregnant or not. thanks



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