Weird Question About Nipples

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kristie h - February 5

Hi ladies, I am 8 weeks 2 days pregnant and i have a weird question. Have or do any of you ladies have itchy nipples? Last night and today the tip of my nipple was itchy when errict for no reason and is very irritating when cloths ect rub on it. Just woundering if this is normal?


sdillon78 - February 5

I don't know about the itching, but the tenderness to the nipples and being erect, most defintely! Especially when I take my shirt on and off in the morning, they are really sensitive! So it is normal! The itching could be because they are growing! :-)


aliciavr6 - February 5

Both happen to me, a lot during first trimester. If it's uhhhh cold out, my nipples would hurt REALLY bad, and sometimes they'd be itchy, etc.


flipthea - February 5

Mine are itchy too.....U could put some mild and unscented lotion. That works for me. Also I noticed that when I'm showering, it hurts too when the water hits my nipples.


Whisper - February 5

Mine get itchy too when dry. One thing to keep in mind if this applies to you is, that soap will dry your nipples out really bad. So if you wash them with soap this can add to the itchiness quite a bit. Its recommended to just wash with plain water. You also might want to use a mild soap for the rest of your body so if you get any run-off bubbles in the vicinity its less likely to cause dryness. I use Olay bar soap for sensitive skin now, and havent had as much nipple itchiness since then. A little bit of itch is to be expected though as the skin stretches. You can also try like flipthea said and use a mild lotion on them. Make sure you get something that is alcohol free.


jen327 - February 5

Hi ladies, I suffer from this in a bad way. My OB suggested I was with moisturizing baby wash because it is for sensitive skin. So I do and it is much better. It is the b___st and nipples preparing for b___st feeding. But if you think this is annoying wait until you start b___stfeeding :) But the good news is you get used to it.



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