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MrsShelton217 - March 1

Hey ladies, I wanted to start a thread for all of us newly pregnant (and the soon to find out) to chat about everything from symptoms to complications. We are all in this together! Come on in!!


MrsShelton217 - March 1

I found out I was pregnant on Feb 20th. I am currently 4wks and 4 days pregnant. I am due on Nov. 4th. My symptoms so far have been slight tugging feeling in lower abdomen, sore nipples, waves of nausea, fatigue. My hair and skin seem slightly oily too. (gross!) I dunno if that has to do with it or not. My pre pregnancy weight was 126lbs. I am retaining A LOT of water... Each morning I weigh about 126.5 and each night I weigh 128.5.


ahay - March 1

WOO HOO! I am finally a part of a FORUM!! I found out I am pregnant on February 19th and I am approximately 6 weeks along. I had my second miscarrige on the 17th of January. I have one son whom is 5 months old. What a JOY!!! I am really excited about this pregnancy however I am nervous of losing this one too. I have a pre-op appt on the 7th and my first prenatal appt on the 28th of this month. I havent had many symptoms but sore nipples and fatigue. I have had slight cramping in my back and stomach probably due to uterus stretching. WELL...CONGRATS everyone and keep us updated on everything!


louisa88 - March 1

well im currently 5wks and 1 day pregnant. im due november 1st. so far ive had alot of cramping. like period pains. it comes and goes but most of the time its hre. its just a dull pain but im abit worried. ive had backache also. no bleeding or anything thanx goodness. waves of nausea, exteme tirdness. can hardly keep myself awake when it gets to like 5 o'clock in the afternoon


MrsShelton217 - March 1

I know the feeling about being exhausted. Hey girls, I found this website that has TONS of info. Maybe you would like reading it. heacamjournal.com/htdocs/pages/art/42-parto.html


MrsShelton217 - March 1

there are a couple of dashes (-) in there... just take those out when u copy and past so it will pull it up


Pipa - March 1

Hi November ladies! I'm due November 2nd, I got my first BFp on the 28th. I"m currently like 4 wks6days! I just got it confirmed in a clinic and still have to set an appointment up with my doctor. Starting last night I'm having waves of nausea and even threw up this morning when I tried to eat some crackers. LOTS of gas and some crampiness. Feels more like the day after you've worked out really hard without stretching. Of course, I have to pee like every 45 minutes. No sensitive bbs though they are kind of itchy. We're going to tell some family this weekend but don't know how long to wait to tell everyone else like friends. When are y'all going to do that? Also, it's my first pregnancy so while I'm super excited I'm also nervous. Glad I found y'all to share with!


ahay - March 1

Hey ALL! I have a question. I see that some of you have had slight cramping. WELL I have too. Due to my miscarriages, I have been really scared about them. They feel like menstrual cramps and come and go as they please. Is this normal?!? I am so PARANOID!


Jbentley - March 1

Im due on Nov. 2nd as well. This is my fifth pregnancy with four miscarriages. I so hope this one goes well. They have me on progestrone suppositories and baby asprin. Hopefully my luck has changed. First doctors appt. on the 12th. Pray for me!!!


GoGo Trigger - March 1

Hi again Mrs. S. I'm 30, DH Is 32, I'm 4 weeks 5 days pregnant and due on Nov. 3rd. Got pregnant on our 1st IVF cycle in which we transferred 3 embryos, first ultrasound is on Wednesday. Miscarried our first in 12/05, so just getting over the early pregnancy paranoia a bit! First beta was 725 on 14 dpo and 2nd was 1943 17 dpo, so might be in the cards :D My prepregnancy weight was close to yours, MrsS--about 125, but a year of fertility treatments brought it up to 130 and currently I'm at 132 :D I retain quite a bit too, have heartburn, little bouts of nausea esp. when hungry, dizziness sometimes, lower back pain, hard lower belly, fatigue esp. around 4 p.m. and until yesterday very very bad gas pains :D Sore b___bs/nipples on and off...and most of these symptoms seem to be worse some days other than others...sometimes I can power through 4 p.m. without a nap and sometimes I can't!! Oh, and did I mention leg pains in the thighs, esp. the right one--TG for Tylenol :D No bleeding TG. I was very bloated for a while from the effect that the pregnancy hormones were having after the egg retrieval, but luckily that is really coming to an end now, and I'm feeling much less bloated :D


micorazon - March 1

Hello Ladies. I am due Nov 4th so that makes me about 4 weeks and 5 days. I have had three miscarriages over the last year but this time I too am on progesterone and baby asprin. As far as symptoms go I have been extremely tired but it seems like the fatigue is starting to lighen up and the morning, afternoon and night sickness has started. I have also also had some mild achiness in my abdomen but nothing too bad. I have had two hcg level tests and so far the numbers are doubling which is a relief...I have my next one next thursday and my first ultrasound will be on the 15th. I really feel good about this pregnancy this time around. Congratulations to all ...wishing us all happy, healthy pregnancies.


MrsShelton217 - March 2

Good Morning Ladies!! Well, The past few days the morning (all day) Sickness has really set in. Its hard to keep anything down. I have actually lost weight. I weighed this morning and it said 123.5. My b___bs are now beginning to become a little fuller. I had another beta done this morning. I won't have the results until monday! *AAAHHHH!* I hate waiting. I feel good overall though, except for the nausea.....


Pipa - March 3

Speaking of weight. I really wish I'd lost some of my weight before getting prego. I'm going to eat super healthy and work out so hopefully the only weight I gain will be in my tummy. I could stand to lose a good 30lbs. However, I'm just going to focus on being healthy for the baby and me. At least it will be good weight! The sickness wasn't as bad yesterday but smells did get me really sick feeling like when I had to pump gas and when I was in a building that smelled like smoke. A friend of my husband's in nursing suggested that I keep saltines by the bed and eat a few before getting up and around which should help from being nauseous. We'll see! I've become a big fan of GingerAle that's for sure. I just wish there weren't so much sugar in it. So when do y'all think it's safe to announce my pregnancy to those outside of my immediate family? I really want to but I"m nervous. Only 5 wks right now.


tryin44 - March 3

I waited til 8 weeks with my previous three pregnancies. I qam currently due Nov 1. I will wait til my first doc app to make sure all is well. That puts me at 8 weeks again.


hrsmith - March 3

tryin44. I am also due Nov. 1st with my second child. Here's hopin' this one sticks. I miscarried last time. good luck to you all.


Fall - March 3

Hi Ladies, I found out I was pregnant on Feb. 25th. My due date is (also) Nov. 4th!! My stmptoms are minimual. I have kind of sore b___st, I'm blotted and I'm a bit tired. The lack of sysmptoms bothers me as I just hada mc in nov.


Fall - March 3

Sorry I was not paying attention…playing monster trucks with my son;) Hi Ladies, I found out I was pregnant on Feb. 25th. My due date is (also) Nov. 4th!! This will be my second child. My symptoms are minimal. My b___sts are kind of sore, I'm bloated and I'm a bit tired… oh, I have some pulling and cramping in my lower abdomen. The lack of symptoms scares me as I just had a mc in nov. I’m trying to stay positive but I have really guarded my feelings!



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