Went Thru 1st Trimester With No Doctor Visit

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confuzedntx - December 31

h__lo all, if i go by the first day of my last mc it was september 22nd. that month i had two mc in one month!! so i figured i would go without a visit in october. but by thanksgiving still nothing. i went to a doctor (so he is called) told him i was at that time a month and a half late, he took a blood test but failed to inform me that u have to REQUEST a pregnancy test. told him what was going on and he said there could be something wrong with my ovaries (not rocket science, theyre not releasing an egg each month) ordered an ultra sound but since i'm going to college and at the time working 2 jobs it wasnt something i could afford to do. i have now taken 7 hpt and all bfn. i go to a gyno on wednesday...but i'm wondering could it be a problem that i havent been taking prenatal vitamins over the last 3 months? i was taking flintstone vitamins for october til november but recently stopped....maybe my body was saying something then. any suggestions??


stefkay - January 1

I'm confused myself...are you saying that you ARE pregnant or you think you are? It seems with the negative hpts and blood test from doctor that you are not pregnant and just having very weird cycles (some women go months at a time without a period. I had a friend who got a period only once every 3 months or so).


HeatherIsHopeful - January 1

hey girly... I a__sume because of your name you're in Texas (TX) ?? anyway Im in Texas too and I have come to ind that doctors here suck.. especially military doctors. I didnt know I was supposed to be taking prenatals because the docs never told me too finally I posted a question here asking the other ladies if I should be taking them and all that and they were like "umm, YES!!!" so I started then when I saw my doc again was ll kinds of angry. anyway as long as you're eating okay and since you were taking some sort of vitamin it shouldn't be an issue. I know people who went through whole pregnancies with out taking any vitamins and their babies were fine... in fact I don't think my mom tool prenatals with me and my older sister and we came out fine :) just start taking 'em now and be a__sertive with your doctors!


cors1wfe - January 1

I am also confused as to whether or not you are actually preggers- please advise. Heather - I offered some suggestions for recipes and would be happy to post some for you if you tell me what kind of foods you like I love love love to cook and have tons of recipes I would love to share!



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