Went To Doc Today Because Of Spotting Outcome Not Good

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billsgirl - February 7

at aboout 9 this morning i went to the bathroom to discover the wetness i had been feeling all morning was brown blood, not cm. i starting freaking out and crying histarically. i couldnt even talk to the doctor without feeling like i was hperventalating. they had m e come in today at noon and i got an u/s. it showed the sac and that was it. i am supposed tobe 7 weeks yesterday. i am going to go back next friday to see if anything changes. i am completely devistated and have been crying for the past 4 hours. has anyone heard of theie timelines being this messed up and had a good outcome?


mjvdec01 - February 7

I am so sorry. I don't know what to say other that I hope at your ultrasound on friday that things are looking better. I do know that brown blood is old blood and usually nothing to worry about. I will be thinking about you.


beckyttc#3 - February 7

Is it possible you're not as far along as you think... could you have ovulated late? That seems to be a frequent reason for no fetal pole yet. The previous post it right - brown blood is usually not quite as worrisome... did it stop?


billsgirl - February 7

id like to think that maybe i ovulated late, but the fact that my last period was 12/19, and i got a pos test on 1/16... its highly unlikely. the spotting actually hasnt stpped and is going from dark brown to maroonish. i am praying that is from the u/s wand.


BeckyBunny - February 7

bills, I don't want to give you false hope if you really are miscarrying, but just showing the sac is called a blighted ovum. Diagnosing a blighted ovum is HIGHLY unreliable before about 11 or 12 weeks - there have been people who were told by their doctor that there was just a sac and no baby at 9 weeks or earlier, but they chose to wait and see what happened - and had a healthy baby. Some people do experience light bleeding in pregnancy and go on to have perfectly healthy baby. I truly hope everything turns out for the best for you, just wait a little while and see what happens. If you do indeed lose your baby, I extend my sympathy to you. I have miscarried twice myself and I am 4w5d now, hoping to god it sticks. Plenty of people miscarry and still go on to have healthy pregnancies and babies.


happytobemommy - February 8

Oh hun I trully hope the next appt will be a better one. I will keep you in my prayers. Good Luck and know that we are all here for you.


MelissaP - February 8

Oh my goodness! I hope everything is ok! I have been following you since before you were pregnant...I pray everything works out!!


hoping01 - February 8

Hi Billsgirl, I completely know what you are going through. I just went through it myself. I started spotting last Monday and went to emerg that night. The Dr did an intrenal exam and said everything seemed normal, but she wanted me to have an ultrasound to rule out ectopic etc. I went and the technician couldnt see anything but the sac as well...but then she did an internal u/s and it turned out I was 6wks not almost 8. I saw the heartbeat etc. Everythign was fine. I went for a follow up yesterday and I heard the heartbeat and saw the little bean....and could see without doing an internal u/s Did they do an internal exam on you with the u/s?? If they didnt, then you should ask them to. I was scared as well...because I was going through the exact thing....I started bleeding red blood on the Tues and I lost my mind...I was the same as you......but my mum kept reminding me that if there was a potential "issue" I wasnt helping the situation by freaking out. She told me to stay calm and wait to see what happens....I am pa__sing that advice on to you as well....Dont get yourself all worked up yet....Keep that faith!! Let me know what happens. I will say a wee prayer for you!!!


llukenjess - February 8

Girl i hope everything is ok...please let us know what's going on!


billsgirl - February 8

hi girls. i apprieciate everyones kind words. i didnt go to work today cause i knew i was emotionally up to it. when i woke up this mornig i had no cramps or spotting. i have been searching on the internet all day about misdiagnosed blighted ovums. everything i read gives me hope. i took a nap today and when i woke up i have the maroon spotting again. now it is accompanied by the same kind of back ache i get right before af. at this point i am convinced this is it. i plan on having a natural m/c because i dont want anymore scar tissue made from a dnc. i plan on trying again immediatly. i have heard that you are really fertile after something as misfortunate as this happens (just like right after you have a baby) i know it seems like im jumping the gun already thinkning about trying again. i just want to have a baby with bill so bad it hurts.


Jezebel - February 8

billsgirl its entirely feasible to see a sac but no pole at 7 weeks dont loose hope yet :(


dtom179 - February 8

hi..I experienced a m/c at 20 weeks in aug 2007. it was devastating. I had to go through labor at hospital like a normal labor.Luckily, I didnt have 2 have a d&c, because everything came out. the hardest part was coming home with lactating b___sts and a swollen body, with no baby. I was told 2 wait atleast 2 months before trying again. other docs may differ. when you try again, and confirm that you are pregnant, try to take it easy on your body. the first tri is critical in development of baby. if you are a runner or exercise junkie, take a rest. these things can sometime cause miscarriages. You will get pregnant again, dont worry. god has a plan for you.


julepowers - February 8

Billsgirl. I am so sorry for what you are going through. I had the same exact thing happen to me a few months ago. If you feel ready to try again, you are right to do so. The dr's will tell you, as mine did, to wait 3 cycles before trying. I found out that they tell you this so that they can date your next pregnancy right and to let your cycles get back to normal. HOwever, if you do not have a d&c, which I didn't, there is no huge risk in trying again, at least that's what I was told by a midwife. I tried again right away and got pregnant right away! As soon as I got my period, which did take about 6 weeks from the m/c, we began again and I got pregnant the 2nd cycle. You are much more fertile after this happens, again what i heard from the midwife. My heart goes out to you and I can't imagine how you must feel right now. After 2 m/c's myself, I thought I could never do it again. I am now 11 weeks prego and feeling fine and am so glad that I did what I thought was right and tried again right away. If your heart is set on getting pregnant every bump in the road is terrible. I am thinking of you and hoping for the best. I know it's proababy not much consolation, but people said it to me after my m/c's and it did help a bit. You are able to get pregnant and that's huge and a great sign. The chances of having a blighted ovum after you have one once is so,so slim. I am sure that you will be blessed with another very healthy pregnancy soon. Hang in there and be good to yourself.


krissy2006 - February 9

Jess!!! Omigosh girl!! I think because you were so on again off again trying and not trying it is completely possible that you are off on your dates. I am keeping you in my prayers and hope on Friday that all it is is a dating mishap. The brown-maroon spotting could be anything from irritated cervix to abrasions you got while Bding? It doesnt necessarily mean you are doomed to M/C! (((HUGS)))) I know your pain. I was there not too long ago as you know and the waiting and wondering is horrific and terrifying and stressful to say the least. But hold on and hold in there, keep your chin up. I am praying and crossing everything that this turns out better than my situation did. You deserve it! Also if by some Godawful reason this is a miscarriage your doc will NOT necessarily tell you you have to wait 3 months to try again. You know with me I was allowed to try on my next cycle and thanks to the D&C wham bam thank you mam here I am at almost 21 weeks. Please hang in there and you can IM me anytime. I know I'm not on alot but you can leave messages and I will get them and message you back! (((more big hugs)))) and prayers headed your way!



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