Went To The DR Today Now I Am Nervous

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MrsShelton217 - February 28

My last period was January 27th. It was normal. I felt like I was pregnant towards the mid of Feb. I took a test on the Feb. 20th. Positive. My period was due on the 24th. I took another HPT. Still positive. I called my OB and made an appt. It was for today. They did an ultrasound. You couldn't see anything except the think pregnancy induded stripe in my uterus. According to my last period... I am 4wks and 3 days pregnant. My doc seems concerned that I got a positive result 10 days ago. He thinks that was too early to get a positive result and only be a little over 4 weeks pregnant. He did blood work... but it wont be back til tomorrow. I have to go back Friday for it to be done again to see if the levels are doubling. I just want to know if any of you went through this. Im scared to death that I could lose another baby. The HPT I had used was First Response Early Result. I got the + at 10dpo. What do you think.......


tsmith6105 - February 28

I am not good with DPO's and all that....but I am in the same boat as you. They saw nothing on the U/S screen and I am awaiting results right now...but I have had bleeding and all that...so my end doesnt look as good as yours.


afireinsideamanda - February 28

oh sweetie, this is awful. ive never had to go through losing a child, this is my first pregnancy. im not sure im giving you an edjucated response here, but im trying okay. um... its just an early release of pregnancy hormones. what would this mean??


ginger6363 - February 28

MrsShelton, don't stress too much. I'm suprised that your dr. would tell you that getting a positive test at 10 dpo is unusal. I charted and temped while I was ttc and routinely saw women test postive at 10 dpo. There were even a few at 9 pdo. I would try to take it easy unti the results of your second beta come in. If the numbers are doubling as they should be then I think your worries will be put to rest.


MrsShelton217 - February 28

I have had no bleeding. I am sick as a dog. Morning sickness bad *just as with my other pregnancies* He said that everything COULD be completely normal. He has seen someone get an early positive, not show anything on the ultrasounds... and then a week later see a sac and fetal pole. I know that FRER preg. test is VERY good at picking up tiny amounts of the pregnancy hormone.... and the line was faint when I first tested. I tested again the day my period was due and it was very positive. I think that maybe my dr. is just being cautious, given my previous history. I will know tomorrow what my HCG levels are... and hopfully I will find that by monday that have increased.


DUESEPTEMBER28TH - February 28

mrs shelton- i went in for a u/s at 5 weeks and could only see the uterus lining. i had one at 8 weeks and saw everything. heartbeat,baby,fetalpole and the whole yards. i am just over ten weeks. i think it's normal sweetie.don't be nervous,good luck on results i think they will be ok.


DUESEPTEMBER28TH - February 28

forgot to mention...that i got an early positive 9 days before af was supposed to stop by.


MrsShelton217 - February 28

Due... Thank you. That is very rea__surring. I hope everything is fine. I am cautiously optimistic.


ginger6363 - February 28

btw, if you sign up on fertility friend dot com (its free) you can do a search in the "Chart Gallery" for "Pregnancy" with "Early HPT <12 dpo" and you will see lots of ladies who tested positive early. It's not that uncommon.


kristinns25 - February 28

Well, I don't know if this will help but I got my BFP when I was only 1 day late so I was about 14dpo. Good luck!


sahmof3 - February 28

I had a REALLY early + with my daughter... 5 days before I missed my period. I also had an u/s at 5 weeks, 3 days with her... the u/s tech said it was "iffy" that she would even be able to see anything at all. She did see the sac, but said it's not unusual not to that early. So, if you are in the 4-5 week range I wouldn't worry too much at this point. Good luck!


MrsShelton217 - February 28

I am going back a week from today to have another ultrasound done... I almost want to wait a few days longer than that.... I feel like 5 weeks and 3 days might be too early too... I dunno. When I was pregnant w/ my daughter they saw a heartbeat at 6 weeks and 4 days... *that was the first ultrasound I had*... I am just nervous


denimb__terfly - February 28

I tested positive for pregnancy 9 days before my missed period. Even the test manufacturers say this is too early. However, everything is going great and I am 11 weeks now. Also, at 4wks you would not be able to see anything on an ultrasound yet. Relax. Wait for your test results, but right now everything seems right on target.



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