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~m~ - February 19

Hi all! I just found out I'm preggo! YAY! My doc's office put me on 200 mg Prometrium 1 x a day at bedtime. That's a progesterone hormone right???? He said it will help "hold" the pregnancy since I have a history of miscarriage. Anyone ever used this, or know anything about it? Any success stories out there? Thanks!


bump - February 20



Maleficent - February 20

congrats!!!!!!!!! i don't know much about it personally, a friend on another message board is using it and she said her dr recomended using it for the first 10 weeks when the risk is highest. after that there are no proven benifits. it's doing the trick, she's still pregnant. *sending sticky baby vibes your way*


~m~ - February 20

Thank you! That makes me feel better!


Julie - February 21

Yes, I was put on it by my Dr. too because I was missing periods. I was scared I was pregnant and asked him if it would hurt the baby if I was pg? He said, no, it will actually help. This is what we give people that have been prone to miscarriage. So, good luck!!


~m~ - February 21

Julie, thanks for telling me that. I love to hear that other doctors say the same thing.... about helping people with previous miscarraige. Thanks again!


b - February 22



Kristin - February 22

Hi! I am on the exact same thing right now. I have had 2 previous miscarriages, and I am Rh incompatible. (they said that was the cause of the second miscarriage, because I never had the rhogam shot). but yes, from what he told me, it closes your uterus, and helps to 'hold' or carry the pregnancy to term. but yea, i have to take 2 a day. My doctor says that if your progesterone levels are under 20, they also give it to you to keep your uterus from trying to shed it's lining and thinking you're about to have a period. I'm due october 5, but i have an ultrasound on the 7th because he says im big to be having one, theyre checking for two. lol when are you due???


For ~m~... from KIM - February 22

Hello. I am about 9 wks pregnant. I have been on Prometrium since Day one of finding out. I take 400 mg 2x daily. The doc says that i will be on it for the first 3 month and i like you was concerned about effects and what nots. But lets all keep our fingers crossed. I wish you well. If you would like to write my email is [email protected], be safe and relax.


~m~ - February 23

Kristin, I am also ballooning out there. I'm so bloated that even my biggest pants are tight! I tried on some of my maternity clothes last night. Most of it looks terrible right now, but I do have a couple of form fitted tops that looked ok. I don't have an actual due date yet, but according to MY calculations, it should be around Oct. 30. But since I'll be scheduling a C, it will probably be about the 20th. We'll see... :o) ----- Wow, Kim. I am on 200 mg 1xday. Did the doc say why such a high dosage for you? Now I'm worried that my dosage is too low.


For ~m~... From KIM - February 23

Hi... I was originally on 200mg 1X a day for the first 2 weeks. Then they took more blood and wanted me to double my dosage because the progesterone count was still pretty low. But then they doubled it and the progesterone count did what it was suppose to do. Dont worry about it being to low. Just make sure when they take your blood next time you ask what you count is and what it is suppose to be. If it is lower then average ask him if doubleing your dosage would be harmful. It shouldnt be, i have a friend who was on 1000 mg a day. She was on the supositories and the pills. She originally started at 100 mg. Then found out she was having twins and being that she was a risk for a miscarriage the doc raised her dosage because of the twins. But that was not til after the 2nd blood test. Dont worry just relax and enjoy your pregnancy. Sending baby wishes your way... IF you want to email me feel free to email [email protected] KIM


~m~ - February 23

I called to ask for my Progesterone level, and the clinic said it wasn't in the orders. So the hospital didn't measure it. I trust my doctor, but I don't feel like he is putting enough attention into my situation. I wouldn't even be on the Prometrium if not for the d__n "ON-CALL" doctor. I'm really upset about this. I may call my doc back today to ask him to order progesterone count next time.


For ~M~ - February 23

Trust your instincts... If you feel your doc is not putting enough attention into your situation then i would be more agressive. I would your doc atleast to check your levels and that you have concerns which you need answered in order to feel comfortable with him or her as a doc. I felt the same way with mine. The doc i was seeing is very busy. I would see her in a fly by situation... i went in to get blood drawn and i asked to speak with her, she said she couldnt see me for an hour because she was all backed up but if i wanted to wait i was more then welcome to. I waited to see her we spoke for a good hour and a half about my concerns about everything and she really put me at ease. She said she admired my prosistance and is willing to give me the attention i deserve. The point i am trying to make is ... you deserve the time to. You deserve to feel secure when it comes to you and your baby. Hope this helps. ... from KIM


~m~ - February 24

Thank you Kim!! I was so upset about all of this earlier. I was on the phone with my hubby crying about wanting my progesterone levels tested and I didn't think my doctor cared, etc. I was hormonal, but justified I think. He told me to call and tell the doc to order it. I told him no because I've called 4 or 5 times the last 3 days and I just hate to bug them. He took it upon himself to call and talk to the doctor. The doc said since I'm taking the Prometrium right now, the test would show a sky high number that would be unreliable. But he did say for me to go ahead and take 2 pills a day instead of one because he wants my mind to be at ease. So he's put forth a good gesture, but I still don't feel 100% satisfied. Maybe it's nerves. I'm so scared that I'm going to lose this one, too. I think after March 17th on my 1st prenatal visit, I'll be better once I see the sac and the heartbeat, etc. Until then, I worry about every little thing. Every little cramp, pull, tug, twinge, flutter, etc! I can't seem to calm myself. But I have a super supportive hubby who is wonderful to me. He won't even let me get up to fix myself a gla__s of water. So that makes life easier for me. Thank you for talking to me.... and listening!! :o)


For ~m~ From Kim - February 24

Hi... That is so good that you did that. I admire that. I went to the doc to get my blood drawn and she suggested since i was there that we could do a v____al sonogram. I agreed in hoped that i would be able to see a heartbeat. Yes i am only 9 wks but i thought for sure we would be able to see something. Well we saw the sac and a faint shadow of something else but no heartbeat. I was devistated. I probably should have waited til 12 weeks but she said lets just take some more tests and hope that we are moving along in the right direction. I am so mad at myself for doing this now i have ot live with the fear that the baby wont grow and gain a heartbeat. I should get my progesterone tests back tomorrow and that will tell her whether the baby is progressing the way it should. But a sac and nothing in it with no heartbeat is scarey. Did you ever experience that?



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