What Are Everyones Symptoms At 4 5wks

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ekay - January 11

I was just curious to know everyones symptoms at about 4-5 weeks. I know I am probably sounding redundant on this site, but I just need reassurance. I have 2 kids and had a m/c in July so I am really paranoid. I don't have any symptoms, just a headache or two, no period and cramping. I think I am about 4wks3dys. Not really sure though, my LMP was Dec. 8th. Any advice would be appreciated.


Beth - January 11

Hi Ekay, I know we have conversed in another post. . .according to the dr I am about 5 weeks, but when I do a tracker and put in the same date that I gave him I get the same due date and it tells me 7 weeks. I guess I will wait until I go see him again in Feb. Anyhow, I have NO symptoms at all. just recently the last two days I have a wave of nausea in the afternoon (like last night I was cutting garlic) but it goes away quick. Sometimes I think it is in my head, but I have had no symptoms.


ekay - January 11

You are such a sweetie for replying!!! I wonder if everyone feels the same way I do for the first couple of weeks. I hate to be blunt, but the 1st few weeks are pure hell with a mixture of emotion. I swear I poke my b___bs at least 5 times a day to see if they hurt and look to see if they got any bigger!! I wonder if there is any woman who finds out and never worries. I don't think I could handle another m/c even though I've only had one. I don't know how someone can have several and still be sane. My heart goes out to you all.


Missy - January 11

ekay, oh my gosh you made me lol I do the same b___b test too, I think they are just about the only true sign I have cuz they're alittle tender and that's it. I don't think we're they only b___b pockers out there.....good luck p.s. I am 5 weeks 2 days and this site is keeping me sane !! thank you all


bump - January 12



Beth - January 12

I have not done any b___b poking test, but only because at first they felt a little sore, and that was a few weeks ago when I was due for my af. But that went away, I have no symptoms and I am scared that because I have no symptoms something might be wrong so I try not to think about it. Last night I had horrible, what felt like menstral, cramps.


ekay - January 12

Hey Beth, I get those cramps too. I get them on my left side too, which is scary. I really hope we are just those women that don't have any symptoms. I remember though when I was pg with my daughter, the first time I went to the Dr. he was doing a b___st exam and he was like " I'm sorry, I know this is gonna hurt." and I was thinking "Uhh, no it doesn't!" Is this your first? When is your 1st appt. (Sorry if I already asked you this-I have a bad memory!)


Beth - January 12

Hi Ekay, Yeah my pains are really low in my abdomin. My first apt was actually Jan 7. my next is not until Feb 4


ekay - January 12

Oh that's horrible!! What a long time to wait. Mine is in two weeks, so I should be about 7 weeks. I hope there is something in there this time. When I m/c, they did an u/s and there was nothing in there, not even a sac. So I am a__suming it was either tubal or chemical, but I had the m/c that night. Anyways, not trying to depress you....have you and your partner been ttc or was this a surprise? Have I asked you if this is your first?


Jo - January 12

Another Boob-Checker here! I have 3 children, one on the way....My first two were uneventful, no paranoia there...but right before my 3rd, i miscarried @ 6 weeks lmp. that was about 2 years ago...3 months later I got preg with my son who is now 1 year old. Right now I am 6 weeks preg and poking the b___bs. Paranoid yes! with my miscarriage, i had lost all of my symtoms one week before i started to bleed...so i am really happy when I am nauseated, tired and witchy. My first appt is on the 19th, im gonna beg for an ultrasound so i can see its little heartbeat and breathe a sigh of relief!


yiffit - January 12

I am with you on the lack of symptoms. I'm just a bit tired and have the offacional headache. My MLP was Dec. 9th so I'm figuring it's my 5th week. This is my second and so far, it's the same as my first.


ekay - January 12

Okay, Missy says I am 5 weeks today-still no symptoms. I am so bummed. I wish I were hugging the toilet with morning sickness than being so paranoid!!! Plus I hear about these women who's "b___sts were spilling outta their bras". Well-it ain't happening over here!!!


valerie - January 12

Hi i just found out i'm 5 wks preg. and i have 2 kids already and had 2 m/c before but i have all the symptoms,headaches which is normal nausea which is normal and bad crmps which i'm not sure about but the dr. told me as long as i'm not bleeding or in severe pain that cramps are normal...my lmp was dec.11 so i'm 5 wks you should be going on 6 wks..i wish you and your family the best of luck and if anybody has those horrible cramps i would appreciate some help on how to deal....thanks..


chrissy - January 12

i had sore b___sts and light cramping like my period wanted to start...and i had gas.


ekay - January 12

I have know I was pg for about 10 days, and had really bad cramps all the way up until today. Before I was scared that I had them, but since they seem so common, now I am scared I don't.


Beth - January 13

Hi Ekay, Nope partner and I were not trying it was a big surprise!! A good one though. I an 25 he is 30 and has three kids, 9,8,5 from a previous marrige. We have talked about having one of our own, but that was for later. .oh well things happen and now we are thrilled!!


ekay - January 13

Hey Beth, that is awesome. I don't think you can ever really 'plan' for a baby, in my opinion. I am 22 and have been with my partner for 7 years. He's taken some growing up to do, but he is coming around!! I feel like I am 30 sometimes, but I wouldn't trade my kiddos for anything, even the one in the oven. Starting the 2 week countdown till the o.b.'s.



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