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angie p. - October 25

hi ladies...i was just wondering what the chances of miscarrying were after seeing the heartbeat? i have had two miscarriages prior to this pregnancy, now i am about 7 weeks, and we have seen the heartbeat this time (first time...YAY!!!!!) this is a major milestone seeing this, so i was just wondering how much seeing the heartbeat decreases the chances of miscarriage...my doctor told me it did, but not by how much, thanks so much for answering...do you think that i am jumping the gun by getting so excited about this? take care!!!!!!!!!


T - October 26

I think you have to make it to around 13 weeks before you can relax. But everyday is a victory. Congrats on seeing the hb! I am also waiting to get to each milestone as I am 5 weeks today.


hi - October 26

I saw the heartbeat at 7 weeks and they said everything looked fine-and I miscarried at 11 weeks, I thought that I had reached a safe point, but I guess not.


angie p - October 26

thanks ladies for responding...however, i have to say that i was looking for more encouraging news than i recieved, but i am happy to have got a response if at all, so thank you for taking the time out to respond, and i am sorry for your losses.


angie p - October 27

anyone else? someone with any encouraging news? thanks so much!


Monique - October 27

I had mc in May, I am now almost 13 weeks!! Saw the heartbeat at 7 weeks doc told me MISCARRIAGE CHANCES SIGNIFICANTLY DROPPED!! I think she said down to 10%. Angie, that didn't really make me feel better!! I read these boards and then became obsessed with having a missed mc, which I had never even HEARD of before these boards (my mc in May was horrible and very obvious!!) I stressed myself out soooo bad I was crying hysterically the day before my next appt. and literally having heart palpitations the day of my 11th week appt. She did another u/s and OUR BABY WAS FINE!!! I told her I was STILL worried and she said, "of what?". I replied, "mc". She looked me in the eye, took my hand and said, "Don't even worry about that at this point" Sooooooo the moral of my story is: JUST HAVE FAITH (trust me I know-easier said than done!). That first ultrasound was a GREAT GREAT SIGN YOU BOTH WILL BE FINE. Please, please try to ignore the bad things that have happened to others.... Your bad times have already come to pa__s. This kid is gonna STICK!! (big smile w/ a hug)


JK - October 27

Im not sure what the chances are exactly, but have heard its less than 5% after you have seen the hb. Unfortunately, there is nothing we can do to control if we have a miscarriage or not. But think positive thoughts!! Congrats on your pregnancy!!


angie p. - October 27

MONIQUE!!!! thank you so much! that was the kind of encouraging story that i was hoping to hear! i definatly agree with you about the bad times for me coming to pa__s...i am so happy to have written this post now...although i do know what you mean about reading other posts, and thinking the worst thing after getting of the computer, however, i was worse about that while i was TTC, but i have settled way down, and i have taken an interest in reading the m/c posts that have been started, and getting comfort knowing that there are other women like me who have miscarried, and are freaking out at this cramp or this weird pull etc, but i am much more relieved to know that the chance of m/c is now at 10%! thank you for taking the time out to answer me, and here is a big hug and smile back!!!!!!!!!!! take care, and congrats to you too!!!!!!!!!!


b - October 28




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