What Are You Eating Now That You Are Pregnant

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ginger6363 - January 30

I'm concerned about the fact that I am ALWAYS hungry and eating and I feel like I've gained too much weight too quickly (8 lbs in 8 wks). I want my baby to be healthy but I can't tell if I am overdoing it. I was wondering if you ladies would share with me what you are eating, how much and how often, and how tall you are (I am only 5').


Megan P - January 30

How far along are you? I'm having a bad time with nausea. I can only stomach carbs (no meat at all!!! YUK) and foods that aren't too rich or greasy. Lately I've been able to keep tortillas and beans and cheese down. I end up not being able to over-eat since everything makes me want to throw up. Lots of gingerale, juice, some yogurt. I'm just trying to do what I can. When I've had cravings they've been for burgers and fries (oops) but those didn't stay down either. I'm almost 9 weeks. I've probably gained 3 or 4 pounds since my first weigh in.


margie - January 30

i have no morning sickness so far at 8 weeks so i guess im the lucky few...however this also means i have no aversion whatsoever to food and ive been eating everything i can get a hold of i sware! ive gained 8 pounds so far as well....ive read your technically only supposed to add i think 300 extra calories to your diet, basically like a gla__s of milk and piece of fruit or something like that....i sure have not been having an easy time following that one! LOL


lissica - January 30

well i am only 4wks but am trying really hard to eat healthy stuff so i don't gain any extra weight. Some cottage cheese,chicken,yogurt,veggies,fruit etc. I'm sure it's going to get harder the further along i get. I havn't had any foods make me ill yet.


angelinakai - January 30

I dont get sick sick, just nauseous. i eat a lot of cereal and peanut b___ter and crackers. mostly just bland stuff, not too much flavor. and LOTS of fruit. ive only gained 2 pounds and i am 7 weeks, but i eat almost twice as much as i did before i was pg and i am ALWAYS hungry and thirsty. Im just not eating anything too fattning bc last time i gained 10 lbs by 6 weeks.


taraleej - January 30

ive been eating chicken,veggies,fruits,jucies,milk,water,cereal,oatmean,eggs,spaghetti and other noodle things!! ummm just about everything haha and tuna wraps (not often) salad, toast with peanut b___ter all the time ....stir fry with chicken...hrmmm theres lots of things you can eat...just make sure you stay away from pop and try to eat small amounts..you should be fine good luck!~!~!~!~


ginger6363 - January 31

Thanks for your advice, ladies. I am pretty much in the same boat as Margie b/c I am not really that nauseated, I can eat anything and feel fine. In fact, when I do feel nauseous, if find if I eat, then I am fine. I feel like I am eating healthful foods (with only the occasional chicken nugget/french fry breakdown) but I am putting on weight too fast. I guess I just need to be a little more strict. Ha! Megan: I am 8w4d.


margie - January 31

hey ginger i just realized that we are exactly the same dates! i am also 8w4d today...have they given you a due date yet? oh and also when i do get slightly nauseous i mostly translate that to HUNGRY and eat, and it actually does make it feel more comfortable...i've been making more of an effort this week to eat healthier snacks at least, string cheese and fruit (but id much rather have something else usually honestly)...mmmm chicken nuggets and frys!!!! hehe


ginger6363 - January 31

hi margie, isn't it funny we are the same amount of time along and we are having similar food "issues"? :) Last week, my doctor gave me a due date of Sept. 8. How about you? Do you have a due date? How is the bleeding, btw? Has it stopped?


margie - January 31

the last visit i got the due date of sept 8th as well but the lady who did my u/s said based on the measurement of the baby she estimates sept 15...ultimately its going to be up to the dr, but i dont see him again until february 12th. babies so rarely come around their due date anyways :) oh and the bleeding is much better...lighter and brown now rather than red...omg, i was so scared! i think until i get to that 12 week mark im going to be up and down with the worry. oh and also...i already had a piece of my neices birthday cake this mornin--before work even!--along with my breakfast and lunch and its only 12:45pm here! lol..so much for the healthy snacks!


ginger6363 - January 31

cake before work sounds yummy! My big thing is breakfast. It seems that a bowl of rice cereal just isn't enough! I have to have something more hearty like a sandwich to keep my going until lunch. As for my Sept 8 due date, I actually calculated my due date to be Sept 10 (I know my exact ovulation/conception date), so based on my baby's measurements, my doctor seems to be right on. BTW, do you know your baby's measurements from your u/s? My baby CRL was 1.23 (12.3 mm)--doesn't that seem a little large to you? Oh well, could be all the good eats taking affect! Of course, like you say baby's rarely come on their due date! Anything goes, so we got to be ready!!


Megan P - January 31

My due date is the 10th as well! I'm pretty sure I conceived on December 16th, but since the docs calculate by my last period (Dec 4th) then my due date is the 10th. Does that seem right? How can I tell if it really is or not?


margie - January 31

Megan-that sounds about right! I don't know for sure when I conceived and there are a number of days that it could have been so I'm at the mercy of the doctors estimations. But my LMP was Dec 2nd and so by that I should be Sept 8th. Ginger-I am unsure of my exact measurements but I know that it was measuring about a week behind my LMP based on my u/s, I think maybe I implanted kind of late or something? But the first u/s it was measuring 2 weeks behind so maybe the eating is helping him/her catch up! lol Unfortunately I wasn't keeping track of my ovulation time, although I'm pretty sure I convieved when we were on vacation, isn't that the way it goes? I know my mom told me I was a "vacation baby" too! lol



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