What Are Your Food Aversions

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A - August 20

Just for fun, I am interested in knowing what other newly-pregnant women's food aversions are. So what can you absolutely not stand now that you are pregnant? I'll go first: Most types of meat make me ill, but chicken is the enemy! It makes me sick just thinking about it!


L - August 20

My favorite food is chocolate and now I can't stand to taste it or even think about it.


Jodi - August 21

I used to love omelets, but the other day I took maybe five bites and thought I was going to lose everything!!! I normally hate milk, just can't stand it and here lately I've been drinking chocolate milk for breakfast and with supper.


Jo - August 21

I can't drink cold water????


Shannon - August 21

Fried chicken. It's the only thing that bothers me. For Jo, ice water is all I want, through a straw though.


Christina - August 21

Im with you L, I used to love chocolate, i cant even look at it now, and for some reason I LOVE EGGS, never did before, i can eat them all day long


Charlene - August 22

I am not sure about foods per se, but I can no longer stand the smell of BBQ's- it makes me absolutely sick- sigh- so much for the summer season. On another note, the hotter the weather, the sicker I feel. I am so looking forward to fall!!


Alicia - August 22

I cannot stand sweet stuff! I want everything super salty. And I am normally a sucker for sweets!


Robin - August 22

I used to love spicy buffalo salads, sandwhiches, anything that would burn my mouth, but now all I want is bland things like mashed potatoes, oatmeal, ect. Anything with tons of flavor makes me sick.


Daniela - August 23

Hot milk!!! Just the thought of the smell of hot milks makes me gag. Also, it´s funny that someone else here can´t drink cold water! Me, too! I discovered it sort of "shocks" my stomach when I drink cold water.


Sarah - August 23

I have no appet_te, can't drink water, just thinking about food makes me sick.


Jo - August 23

OK - for those who can't drink water like me...I make a mix of 1/3 fruit juice and 2/3 lemonade (pref flat...)..it sits sooo much better. I tried ginger ale, but it was too strong??


Katie - August 23

I can't stand the taste of water.


nell - August 23

I also can't stand cold water it has to be room temp. I also usually love I MEAN LOVE french fries. The thought of them makes my tummy turn.


Merl - August 24

I couldn't drink cold water with my first pregnancy. I live in the south where ice water is the norm, started drinking from the tap (filtered of course). The ice water did seem to shock my stomach, but I was also extrememly thirsty. I think it was my first sign that I was pregnant. This time i didn't have the extreme thirst, but I don't believe my water intake was any different from the last time I became pregnant.


A - August 25

Lately, I can't even go into the kitchen! It always seems to me that something stinks in there - but I think it might be my imagination, so I don't know.


Beth - August 25

Anything green. I haven't been able to eat veggies at all. I can stomach a salad every now and again... but starches are helping me survive!!! I'm going to be a BLIMP before my 1st trimester ends!!!



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