What Are Your HCG Levels

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Paula - August 3

I'm 4 weeks and a day, just got my second test back at 240. What was everyone else's levels at 4 weeks if you knew?


Katie - August 3

I don't know what mine were at 4 weeks since I didn't find out I was prego until week 6. But at 6 weeks my HCG level was 2,400.


to Paula - August 3

I think I was around that..or even lower...mine were low to begin with but they doubled every two days and that is what counts! I am now 11 weeks and healthy pregnancy. Good luck!


brandi - August 3

my six week hcg was 24,500


:) - August 3

I'm not sure what mine were at 4 weeks either, but at 6 weeks mine were 3,900. All that does matter is that they double every day. Congrats!


suzie - August 3

just had my levels done today and at 5 weeks it is 7000 at four weeks i think i was at 127 and at 10dpo i was 25 hope that helps


starlyght24 - August 3

at 14 dpo i was at 25.5. I had another one done 2 days later and it was at 47. I then had one done 3 days later and it was at 98.4. That was as of August 1. I go into the doctor tomorrow. I am currently 5 weeks and 3 days along.


lisa - August 8

At 5 about 5 weeks mine were 6200


Katie - August 12

At 4 weeks 5 days mine were 967.


Cathy - August 12

At 5w2d my level was 4602


Karen - August 12

Hi ladies - isn't this the million dollar question! I recently had my blood work done and a v____al ultrasound. According to my LMP I am four weeks and 5 days pregnant - however when I was tested I was only 4 wks and 2 days. My midwife called to explain that my levels are only at 907 - and she is concerned this is too low....gosh - by reading the posts here and in other sections - everyone's levels seem to be different...I don't know what to think. I have a follow up ultrasound on August 19th but the ER docs didn't ask me to come back for more blood work....what's up with that?! I'm so worried....The reason I went to the ER on the 10th is because I had a persistent dull ache on my right side which has seemed to now have gone away for the most part - no bleeding but my b___sts are no longer as tender as last week...what to do or think at this point - I am a wreck over this...any information is more than welcomed...


Karen to Katie et al - August 12

Katie - are your health care professionals concerned at this point? Can you elaborate on your situation? Do you have a follow up scheduled. And for others - if you had low numbers initially - were there concerns? Can I hold out hope that things may turn out for the good?


Bev - August 12

I am 6 weeks 6 days pregnant. I have been having biweekly blood tests due to my age (43) to check status. My HCG was doubling every 3 or so days as expected, then we had a hiccup a week ago when I was told I was probably miscarrying as HCG levels stopped doubling and started to decrease (but no blood still by a week later). Requested another blood test yesterday as still felt pregnant & hormone levels had started to go up again. Ultrasound yesterday showed fetal pole & gestational sac but no heartbeat visible yet. Have another u/s next Tuesday so fingers crossed. HCG levels were (starting a fortnight ago & every 3-4 days until yesterday): 950, 1660, 5000, 5100 (didnt double), 4600 (decreased) and now 6,400.


Karen - August 19

I wanted to give you an update to my pregnancy. At four weeks and 2 days (August 10th) I only had a hcg level of 907 which some thought this was too low. Today, August 19th - a second u/s confirmed my pregnancy with a heartbeat! I am five weeks and 6 days and on target. The heart is still developing as it only has the two tubes and no fetal pole yet but its still early in the development. So it seems my hormones appear fine, although there are no guarantees but today was a good day! My midwife has not asked for a follow up on my hormones either...another good sign things are okay. I am thrilled with the news and have high hopes for a pregnancy that seemed doomed in the initial stages - my message to all women worried about hormones - wait it out - see what happens - don't make any quick decisions - let nature takes its course and remember we all experience and develop pregnancy at a different rate - respect the differences and hold hope between you and your embryo... :o)


VickieP - August 19

17DPO 58 19DPO 171 21DPO 320 22DPO 442 23DPO mid 500s Very low. Gestational seen on us measuring 2 days less than 5weeks. Another us on 6 weeks.


gal manda - August 21

At 19 dpo- 714. At 21 dpo-2100.


Kryss - August 22

At 4 weeks 1 or 2 days since LMP My HCG level was 1,554 It was later confirmed that I am carying twins so I am not sure if my #'s help you much



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