What Can I Drink

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KWaits - February 19

I am 7 weeks 1 day pg. Water at this point makes me sick to my stomach. I can't get a glass down without wanting to throw up. What else can I drink thats ok?


moescrilla - February 19

anything caffeine free... although a little caffeine in moderation is ok. Sprite, A&W rootbeer, caffeine free coke. Powerade or gatorade. I also found out that diet drinks are not good because of aspartame, but I havent been told anything by my doctor or seen studys to suggest its off limits. So I drink caffeine free diet drinks in moderation, maybe one or two a day. I saw a study that said 300 mg of caffeine a day is ok, which equals up to 8 cokes a day. heh, I would never drink that much anyway.


kerryv - February 19

put some lemon in your water that may help. you can also buy crystal light and put that in there too.


KWaits - February 19

Thanks. So do you think that not drinking any water is harming the little bean in any way? I mean if I have to drink it I will, but I'm pretty sure it will come right back up.


KWaits - February 19

Ohh, crystal light. I didn't think about that. I do like that. Guess I'll be going to the store later today. Thanks girls!


imamommy - February 19

I have found that gatorade is the best so quinch my thirst. I too am TIRED of water. It is actually really good for you b/c of the vitamins.


kristinns25 - February 19

I have to have my sweet tea...I'm from Missisippi.. so I just bought the decaf kind and I can't tell a difference.


jen327 - February 19

KWaits, I do Crystal Light, the packets you put in water. Gaterade is ok in moderation, my OB said 1 maybe too a day, they are full of sugar and electrolits that unless you are exercising are not good because they just add sodium which adds water weight. I also like putting lemon juice in my water. But Crystal LIght is what works best. I carry it everywhere, those little packets. When we are out to dinner, if they dont have anything I can drink I pull out one of those. I can only do water in small doses. I try to drink I plan bottle of water a day though.


akmomma - February 20

Try to drink water, but if you really can't, sipping 7UP always worked for me!



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