What Did You Eat Yesterday

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waiting100 - March 14

Ok - so we all know the first trimester is HARD!!! So tiring, hormones raging and for me eating like a little piggy. I am 7 weeks pregnant and I am already gaining weight -- I really dont want to pack on the lbs with this pregnancy - So just curious as to what you ate yesterday so we can all compare to see what we are eating in our first trimesters!! I will go: bowl of honey bunches of oats with 1/2 banana, ground turkey meat with corn and avocado, 1 yogurt with granola, top ramen noodles, 10 pringles, 8 slices salami, reeses peanut butter cup and dove easter bunny (small one). Am I just a pig? My mornings start out great but by evening I'm a pig!


heather28 - March 14

I ahd a bowl of oatmal, 1/2 cup Ramen noodles, Mexican pizza from Taco Bell and a taco, and then I had pancakes about 10:00 pm. Maybe we're both pigs? I was craving that mexican pizza, but I was so scared it would come back up. But it didn't. At least what you ate was healthier than what I had. :)


sfrog68 - March 14

I had a bowl of Frosted Flakes, some Cheatos, 1 orange, cube steak, mashed potatoes, and greenbeans and 5 strawberries. I have gained 5 lbs and I am 10w3d.


MrsShelton217 - March 14

Hey... how about this "diet" ...lol... this is what I ate yesterday and then what I ate today... (normally I do better than this...) Breakfast: Nothing... too nauseas(yesterday and today) 2 peices of dove dark chocolate(both days), 2 snack size things of apple sauce (yesterday); baked potatoe w/ bacon, cheese, sour cream, b___ter, and chives(today); meatb___s and potatoes, and b___ter beans (last night for supper) I am having homeade quesadillas for dinner tonight.... Pre preggo weight was 124.0 last week I weighed 129.0.... but after being so sick end of last week and weekend...I am down to 126.5 I get these cravings... and I mean... I want them RIGHT THEN!.. OH!, I almost forgot.. I had a foot long BLT (with no "T" lol) from subway yesterday for a "snack" haha (oink oink)


DANI - March 14

Oh god you don't even want to know. I ate so bad yesterday. Here it goes: Breakfast- 2 egg whites with one slice of cheese and a english muffin (pretty good so far..lol) lunch- taco, rice and beans and a lot of chips & salsa and a small jamba juice to ease my stomache afterwards. Dinner- patty melt with cheese and onions and fries. what was I thinking for lunch & dinner???? so not healthy for the babe? I just can't figure out what I want to eat. It's so frusterating!!!


nino3 - March 14

Hi, i dont know if this is normal but i have a huge appet_te and later when i get fod in front of me, I hate eating. Whats going on??? For breakfast i make myself eat every time. I usually eat Cheerios with milk and drink a gla__s of V8 Fruit Juice. I snack with granola bars, fruits or crackers. For lunch i ate a salami sandwich today and alot of Potatoe chips.. I was supposed to eat the leftover salmon from dinner last night but it just looked yucky today. Also today when i started to teach i fely vomit in my mouth and i didnt even feel nauseaus. Is this normal, to just throw up without even feeling sick????


lissica - March 14

sfrog68..i'm 10w3d as well!! And i've also gained 5lbs. So yesterday i ate 1 hardboiled egg, peanut b___ter protein bar, sweet potatoe, 1/2 chicken b___st, 2 mini meat loaves, cottage cheese, corn and 1 piece cake and an apple.


Pipa - March 14

My turn! For breakfast: whole grain waffle with natural strawberry preserves and sliced banana on top. For lunch: chicken noodle soup and crackers. For snack cheetohs ( I know!, but they're sooo good!). For dinner chicken strips on top of salad. Then all of the sudden I got a craving for carrot cake so drove to grocery store bought mix and icing, made it, and ate TWO pieces for desert. I justified the second by saying that I needed something on my stomach to take my prenatal vitamins! he he!


sharon516 - March 15

half a breakfast cookie, hot chocolate, animal crackers, qdoba naked burrito, chips and queso, meatloaf and mashed potatos and broccolini. Plus I had a cherry-coke, lots of water, and a huge gla__s of lemonade.


crrodgers - March 16

So nothing sounds good to me right now. I don't feel throw up sick...just nothing sounds good! Today I had Frosted flakes for breakfast, tortilla soup for lunch, and apple and chocolate pudding for dinner. I think I am losing weight instead of gaining! I wish I could eat like this when I am not pregnant!!!



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