What Did You See At 7 1 2 Weeks On U S

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RG - March 30

I'm going for my first OB appt 3/31 and I'll be 7 weeks, I'm going for my first us on 4/4 so I'll be about 7w4d, what did you get to see on your first u/s? Did you hear the heartbeat? This is my first and I'm so excited!


js - March 30

I had my first one at 9 weeks 6 days and it was very neat! I had heard the heart beat at 7.5 weeks with a doppler, but did not hear it during the ultra sound. I was able to see little arms and legs and they were moving all around. It is a wonderful experience. Good luck!!


Kelly K - March 30

I had my second ultrasound at 7w4d and we saw a cute little blob with no arms, no legs but a spine and a really healthy heartbeat. If it's a v____al ultrasound, then you should be able to sear the heartbeat as well. We got to and that REALLY made it real for us. This is our first baby as well.


lisa - March 30

at 8 weeks I saw the baby with arm buds- the legs seemed like they weren't there yet (which got me nervous but then i read it's the 9th week- plus at 10 weeks the baby was in fetal position- arms and legs- and hoping around!).. I saw the baby twitch.. the baby looked like a teddy bear (but without the legs).. CUTE! I still haven't heard the HB but that's a technicality.. (haven't used a doppler yet)..


Mythili - March 30

I am going in for my first Ultrasound on APRIL 6.... I will be 8 weeks and 4 days by then.


D - March 30

My 7w3d transv____al u/s showed a fuzzy grey blob with a heartbeat in the middle. We didn't hear it, but we saw it! You may think its cute, I kinda thought it looked like a really bad photograph. We didn't see any arms, legs, or body movement until the 9w6d u/s.


RG - March 30

Thanks ladies--I'm so excited. I don't know which kind they are going to do, I'll see the ultrasound tech at like 10:15 and the doctor at 11:00 or 11:30 so I guess the tech will do the us and give info to the doctor to go over. I didn't know they did that. Cannot wait, this is going to be a LONG weekend.


BabyTiger - March 30

Cool. Going for my first u/s as well on the 31st ( tomorrow!!!) and also 7 weeks :)). Very anxious right now :)). If it's good news I'll post an update here :)).


BabyTiger - March 31

I saw my baby's heartbeat-- and it's so fast!! Doc said it looks really good--so some of my anxiety is gone for now :)) until the next u/s , of course.


RG - March 31

I'm glad to hear that Baby Tiger, contrats. My first u/s is Monday. I went to the dr today and I'm actually 8 weeks tomorrow, so a little further along that we thought. I asked about what kind of u/s they'd do and she said the transv____al. I'm overweight and she said they would probably do that one both times so I'm so excited.


BabyTiger - March 31

Well, good luck and post an update here :). Found out I'm actually a bit over 7½ weeks-- so we're pretty much around the same time :)).


RG - April 4

Hey Ladies---I had my first us today. I was told I was 8w last friday, but the baby measured 7w6d so I'm only 4 days off from what they figured with my LMP. I was so excited to finally see my little green bean...it's 1.5cm long and I could see the heartbeat and it was 165. How exciting. My next visit is 5/4 and I get to hear the heartbeat then.


Mythili - April 4

Congrats RG.... I hope everything goes smooth for me on April 6 as well


RG - April 4

Mythili--how far along are you?


BabyTiger - April 4

That's great, RG! Happy to hear.I'll have my 2nd u/s on the 13th of April. I'd be 9½ weeks by then :). All was ok last week this is just to monitor the growth so far.


RG - April 4

I will not have another one until I'm 18 weeks...I'm going to try and push it out to 19 or 20 if they will let me so "things" will be develooped a little more and we can see what it is. I'll make sure and drink some MelloYellow that morning to give the baby some caffeine so it moves around! :)



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