What Did You Tell Everyone

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Tia - March 17

I was just wondering when everyone told family and friends? Did you wait til scans etc were done? Bit unsure when to tell everyone this time around, feeling a bit anxious and maybe wait until 12 weeks.


Emy - March 17

I am 7 weeks and am also really unsure when to tell my family and friends I also have 2 older children ages 11 and 8 and would like to wait till all the tests are done so we can all relax and enjoy it. Although they are starting to wonder why mom is so tired and sicky just now. Good luck.


Marissa - March 17

Hi Tia, I'm about 7 weeks and at the moment I have only told my parents and my husband's parents and have asked them not to tell anyone else yet until we're ready. I wish I could tell everyone but it's just a bit 'scary' not knowing if everything will be ok. So we're going to wait until 12 weeks.


JS - March 18

My husband and I told at 6 weeks. We figured that if something bad would happen, it would be nice to have the support of family and friends. It would be a very hard an emotional thing to deal with alone. I had a friend though, that chose to wait, so it is really your own personal preference. Good luck with everything.


leslie - March 18

I am 11 weeks and 3 days and i have not told anyone yet, exept my fiancee's parent's and I am not going to tell anyone 'till it starts showing..probably at 5 mths..hipefully..but my decition is very presonal...but i guess the right time is like at 12 weeks.


Mythili - March 18

I am 5 weeks and 6 days preg. I am also anxious to tell everyone but am a little scared. So far my parents and my hubby mom is aware of it. I won't tell anyone else until I know everything is progressing the way it should.


tiffani - March 18

With my first two pregnancies we told everyone immediately, we were so excited. With this one, we've told family and a few close friends, but will wait until the ultrasound (at 11 weeks) before we tell everyone else. Until I found this site last September, I was so naive about how common miscarriage is, now it is always on my mind, which is why i've decided not to tell the world our news. I do think it's important for the people who are closest to you to know what's happening so they can support you, especially if you miscarry. Just my thoughts on the subject. :o)


Kim - March 18

This is our first baby. We were going to wait until 12 weeks at first but if we are able to see the baby's heartbeat at my first appt. next week (9 weeks), we plan to tell family and close friends next weekend. For the same reasons as everybody else, we would like to wait to tell people but we know we'd turn to family and friends if anything were to happen and so that's why we plan to tell some people next week, as long as everything is okay. I am trying to stay positive, though, because there is an 85% chance that this baby will be fine. It's a personal decision, though, and you need to do what's most comfortable for you.


Vina - March 19

I had to tell everybody as soon as I found out I'm pregnant because I'm an x-ray tech. I work with radiation so I had to let my supervisor, and coworkers know so my fetus can be monitored and I can stay away from doing exams that require a lot of radiation. So no secrets for us, everybody knows already :)


BabyTiger - March 19

I'm 5½ weeks on.I have a special position in an investment bank and had a rough start with my doc appointments so I had to tell my Boss and the person I work closely with so he could cover me with no questions asked :). Told my sister who's a nurse so she can support me with info. Also told a close friend who is also in her early weeks of pregnancy so we could share the experience. Boyfriend's Mom guessed and she was so excited she forced it out of us :) though promised not to tell anyone else yet in the family..


Pamela - March 21

I am now 9 weeks and 2 days and I told my family when I initially found out which was when I was only about 4 weeks pregnant or less. I also figured that if I was to miscarry I would have wanted my family to be there.


C - March 21

Well I'm almost 12 weeks and I don't want anyone to know I only told 2 people, it only makes the pregancy longer.


Kristina - March 21

I am 10 weeks and starting to have a m/c. WE told everyone when we found out at about 5 weeks. Yes it is nice to have the support of your family and friends, if somehting goes wrong, but if it does (like our case) you kind of feel bad for putting them throught the emotional stuff. Inever thought it would affect some of the people I told like it did. So take that into consideration as well.


Jennifer - March 22

I called everyone right after I took my at home pregnancy test. I was so excited I couldn't wait!



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