What Do You Dream Of

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ChattyKathy - February 12

They say in pregnancy you start to get some pretty wacky dreams. I've noticed that if I'm not dreaming an almost-scary dream (I wake up right before the scary part happens) then I'm dreaming about FOOD! Its always me being pregnant and having a craving. hah! Anyone else?


angela1986 - February 12

I know it sounds horrible but all i dream about is having a miscarriage. It sucks so bad i wake up crying and then its over, then i have a new one all over. However im ok with it now due to my DF telling me that in having that dream that someone dies someone will be born, that someone being my baby. So im very excited, and that puts my mind at so much more ease. Oh yeah and i dream about food non stop as well......lol


JulieK - February 12

I keep dreaming about having more than one, even though I know that there is only one in there. In my dream, we are at an ultrasound appointment and told we are having quads.


frozenfeet - February 13

angela - I've had two misscarriage dreams as well and both have left me feeling so scared and paranoid. I don't usually read into dreams to much, but that one is a bit close to home and I can't help but let it weigh on my mind a bit. I like what you DF said though....so sweet! Anyhow, just wanted to tell you that you aren't alone!


frozenfeet - February 13

oh and one last thing Angela - I found this on the internet...thought it was interesting! f you dream of a miscarriage, it may be because you sense that something isn't right in your life. A dream of miscarriage denotes a loss. This loss may be in any area - an actual physical object, work, relationship or emotional. A dream of a miscarriage may suggest that this is not the time to start something new. You're afraid, maybe subconsciously, of how this all may turn out. You're resisting change. Of course, if you are really pregnant, then the dream may be only your own worry about being pregnant.


DUESEPTEMBER28TH - February 13




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