What Do You Think Of The Fetal Dopplers You Can Rent

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Becca D - January 9

I have had two miscarriages in the past and would feel better being able to hear my baby's heartbeat more than once a month. I'm 11 weeks and 4 days...so I went ahead and rented one. What have been your thoughts or reviews on them?


tanya - January 10

I was wandering the same thing. I am 9-10 weeks and have had 3 miscarriages, 1 premature birth and 1 ectopic so I'd love to use one. I was going to ask my doctor at my appointment on Thursday but I have a feeling he's going to poo-poo the idea because he's just like that. It would be very rea__suring to hear the heartbeat more often especially during the time when you normally miscarry which for me is 9-12 weeks. Have you used it yet? Is it working? I heard that you couldn't hear the heartbeat with the fetal dopplers until 12 weeks.


Becca D - January 10

Hey Tanya, I should be receiving it today. I've heard only good things about having one. They are just like the ones you use in the docs office they say. I posted a similar question on another site and everyone responded with rave reviews. I did hear the babies heartbeat with the doppler twice - once at 10 weeks and the last time at 11 weeks... I know that I may not be able to hear it yet....but it only cost $24 a month to rent...so I plan on keeping it the entire time :) Congratulations on your pregnancy and I wish you well.


Quibbler - January 10

My sister used one of these- the hospital couldn't find a heartbeat until about 14 weeks but with her monitor, she heard it from about 12 weeks- her midwife was amazed it picked it up better than the hospital's equipment.


Becca D - January 10

Quibbler, did your sister rent from BabyBeat.com...mine just came in. I'm dying to use it..but I'm at work.


RIchelle - January 10

Becca, let me know how it works, i just ordered mine today!! im so excited


Becca D - January 11

Well we tried it last night. Just like the docs office. We think we found it. I'm taking it with me to my appt on Friday so they can use it too. I've heard that's what a lot of people recommend you doing. I'm going to try it again tonight and see what I can hear. I think it's great....and like I said, on another site that I posted this question, there have been nothing but great reviews.


andrea - January 11

just a caution... i am newly pregnant after 2.5 yrs of trying. i've never miscarried, as this is my first pregnancy. but, i understand the need for rea__surance-- boy, do i! however, just keep in mind that ultrasound hasn't been determined to be entirely safe for the developing baby. that is why ACOG is against those 3D videos (ultrasound) you can get of your child. their position is that any ultrasound that is performed on your child should be done by a trained professional to minimize the amount of exposure. one minute of exposure to a doppler has been estimated to be equal to 35 minutes of exposure to imaging ultrasound technology. that is a lot of exposure. i don't mean to rain on your parades. it's just that i had no idea about this until recently and feel obligated to pa__s the info along. congradulations, ladies!


Becca D - January 11

Here is an article I found online as well. What's the difference between a sonograph and a fetal doppler? http://www.aium.org/provider/statements /_statementSelected.asp?statement=2 It is important to understand the differences between the hand-held fetal doppler and a sonograph (2D, 3D, or 4D ultrasound). The exposure to ultrasound in sonography (which uses a 3-10mghz transducer) is much higher than that in a hand-held fetal doppler system. Fetal doppler monitors are regulated by the FDA who has set limits on its ultrasound emission. The FDA also regulates sonographs but has recently raised the level of ultrasound 8X higher than its previous standard due to the advent of the new 3D and 4D machines which require higher levels to produce their results. The purpose of a hand-held fetal doppler is to find and confirm the fetal heartbeat by measuring blood flow which takes less than 10 minutes. The ever increasing amount of testing and monitoring done during a sonograph has increased the exam time to last between 20-60 minutes, exposing the fetus to longer and higher levels of ultrasound. Hand-held Fetal Dopplers are not sonographs but do use ultrasound and consideration should be taken when using any such medical device. Fetal dopplers are regulated by the FDA and have been approved for in home use with a physician's approval. Fetal doppler heartbeat monitors are diagnostic devices and should not replace consultation with a medical professional.


Richelle - January 11

I got mine today, and let me tell ya.....going by my period i should be 12 weeks, but doc says im 9 weeks.....tried the doppler tonight just for the hell of it and BAM there was the heartbeat!!! Thinking I was right on the dating!!


Becca D - January 12

That's awesome. Yeah I did mine when I got home from work, and there was no mistaking it...found it right away and heard it moving around !! So cool!!!


Vicky - January 13

Hi girls, i'm new! I'm just over 10 weeks pregnant with my first child and i'm very scared. I had terrible moring sickness but i woke up the other morning and it had just vanished! I'm now worrying that something could be wrong with the baby, so today i have ordered a fetal doppler because i don't think i could wait till 20 weeks to see if the baby's ok. Mine cost me £50 and i should be able to hear the heart beat at 12 weeks. I'm glad to see some of you got good results with them and i'll let you know how i get on....I'm excited but nervous.


Vicky - January 17

I got my doppler today and i can't find the heartbeat. I'll keep trying but if i can't hear anything at 12 weeks i'll be off to the doc. I'm worried.


Becca D - January 17

Vickey, Don't be worried yet. Sometimes I can't find mine either. Last week the doctor had a hard time and had to use two different dopplers...he said the baby was hiding behind the placenta, therefore it's only picking up my beat. Take it slow and point down towards your feet and start right at the pelvic bone. The first few nights I could not hear mine...then the last few times I have. Also, docs say that these dopplers are meant for anywhere from 12-14 weeks...so give it time, and also to ease your mind, call your doc. I'll be praying for you...:)


Vicky - January 20

Becca!!!! Your praying worked, and so did you advice!!! I have just read your reply, and thought i'd try the doppler again. I placed it just above the pelvic bone and pointed it down towards my feet...and there it was...clear as day!! I can't thank you enough for your advice, i cried with happiness and relief. It just shows that these chat forums really are an excellent idea. Thank you again and take care of yourselves and babies.


Danielle19 - January 23

I rented a doppler and sent it back right away, i think they cause way more stress then needed were not trained professional and it is hard to tell the difference between your blood flow and a babys heartbeat, i would rather not be so stressed and cause something to happen, i just look at it if some thing bad is going to happen its going to happen what is hearing the heartbeat going to prevent?


skn331 - January 23

I prevents me from worrying. I hear all you ladies saying to be cautious with the doppler and am. Once a day, I find it (in less than 2 minutes usually) and just hearing puts me at peace. If you're not worried, then I guess it doesnt do anything for you. For us worriers, it is a HUGE rea__surance. I kow it wont prevent any problems, but it lets you know the baby is still alive during the 4 weeks in between Dr. visits.



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